RapidSSLonline Announces Multiple Offers on VeriSign (Now Symantec) EV

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The EV SSL / Extended Validation SSL enables the strongest SSL encryption, Up to 256 bit (a string of characters through which sensitive data is transmitted), including the power of the Green Bar and also the secured Norton™ Trust Seal for the authentication of entire organizations. Earn the power of Green EV SSL / Extended Validation SSL for enhanced customers trust and confidence. Attain your DigiCert EV SSL certificate at only $620/Yr with RapidSSLonline. Use VeriSign (Now Symantec™) EV SSL promo codes to purchase or renew your existing DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL certificate.

RapidSSLonline is the leading, literally the fastest-growing worldwide, Platinum Partner authority of all VeriSign (Now Symantec™) SSL certificates and is a fully authorized company to buy or renew VeriSign (Now Symantec™) SSL Certificates. You can find our sister site, The SSL Store (same company, different storefront), under Featured Partners through the VeriSign (Now Symantec) website. Buying from a VeriSign (Now Symantec) authority gives you the exact same certificate at a reduced wholesale cost. As a Platinum authority of major SSL brands such as VeriSign (Now Symantec), GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL, RapidSSLonline provides SSL certificates including Cheap EV SSL, Cheap Wildcard SSL, SAN SSL, and SGC SSL certificates. We are devoted almost solely to the SSL industry with the most affordable and competitive prices, including our Best Price Guarantee and 30-day money back guarantee.

An Extended Validation SSL / EV SSL certificate provides the sureness, trust, and confidence to users that your platform has Symantec™ EV SSL (Green SSL Power) to protect confidential and sensitive information while transmitting online. Of great importance, web users feel that your web store environment / experience is safe and secure to transfer anything.

Symantec™ EV SSL / Extended Validation SSL are the most preferred web security solution for wide level organizations and online business platforms. Symantec™ Secure Site EV SSL includes the strongest encryptions, minimum of 40-bit and up to 256-bit encryption, and 99.99% of the latest web browser and server compatibility.

EV SSL / Extended Validation SSL is compatible with the latest popular web browsers including IE 5+, 6+, 7+, 8+, Firefox 1+, 2+, 3+, Netscape 4+, Opera 7+, AOL 5+, and Safari. An EV SSL certificate from Symantec™ includes free weekly vulnerability assessment and actionable report, plus daily behavioral malware scanning. It also promotes you through search engines with Seal in Search.

Symantec™ EV SSL is the comprehensive solution to supply the trust and confidence to web users through the largest web security provider and fully authorized system. VeriSign is the leading and the highly trusted web security brand and certificate authority worldwide.

Key functionalities of Symantec™ Secure Site EV SSL

  • The Strongest 256 bit SSL encryption, industry Extended Validation SSL.
  • Extended Validation for businesses and organizations.
  • Extended Validation Technology with The Power of the Green Address Bar.
  • VeriSign Trust™ Seal with VeriSign Seal-in-Search™ maximizes click-through and conversions.
  • $1,250,000 warranty.
  • Authentication display includes The Power of the Green Bar and Company Name.
  • 99.99% Compatibility of the latest web browsers and servers.
  • Secures web mail, Hosting Control Panel’s, POP, IMAP, SMTP, FTP, HTTPS (Secure Web Pages).
  • Daily Web site malware scanning shows customers you are committed to keeping them safe.
  • Free Weekly Vulnerability Assessment & Actionable Report.

About Jim Aron

Jim Aron is website security and SSL encryption specialist at RapidSSLonline. He has massive knowledge on various types of SSL security certificate such as Wildcard SSL, EV SSL, SAN SSL, UCC Certificate, Multi Domain Wildcard, and Code Signing Certificate. Follow him on twitter if want any help related to SSL certificate.