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Symantec Code Signing Certificate Comparison

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Product Features

Validation Level ? All certificates have to be validated to ensure the proper ownership. There are three levels, Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), Extended Validation (EV) and Verify Various Personal ID’s (IV) .

Issuance ? This is how long it usually takes to pass the validation process. This is the industry average, but you can often beat that with our help and tools.

Domain Coverage ? Know what will be covered by your certificate. Note that certificates cover a certain number of “FQDNs”, which are fully qualified domain names (Three examples FQDNs: “domain.com”, “domain.net” and “mail.domain.net”). Some certificates may include coverage of the “WWW and Non-WWW” versions of your root domain. When a certificate includes this feature, a certificate request for “www.domain.com” would automatically cover the “domain.com” as well.

SAN Support ? SAN Support allows you to secure multiple FQDNs (domains) with a single certificate. If a certificate does not have SAN Support, it only covers a one FQDN.

Server Licensing ? Some certificates require a license for each server the certificate will be installed on, while others are free to use on as many servers as needed. When purchasing you will be able to select how many server licenses you will need, if it’s applicable to that certificate.

Validation Required ? Every certificate must be validated to a certain extent prior to issuance. DV - only the domain ownership needs to be verified. OV - there is some basic business verification required. EV - there is thorough verification of your business required.

Browser Comp. ? Certificates have to be “trusted” by a web browser in order for them to function properly. Our leading CAs are all compatible with, and trusted by 99.9%+ of web browsers.

Reissue ? Reissuing allows you to update/manage select details of your certificate, as well as pair a new cryptographic Private Key if the previous one is lost or mis-managed. All the certificates we offer come with free and unlimited reissues.

Boost Google Rank ? Google announced that HTTPS/SSL/TLS activated on sites is now a ranking factor in their ranking algorithm. Learn more

Encryption Strength ? In cryptography, key size or key length is the number of bits in a key used by a cryptographic algorithm.

User Trust & Confidence

Green Address Bar ? The Green Address Bar is the most prominent security indicator for SSL within browsers. This feature is exclusive to EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates, which involves the most thorough validation procedures prior to issuance. EV is the most recognized SSL indicator that has proven to promote trust, inspire confidence and boost conversion!

Trust Seal Type ? A Trust Seal or Site Seal is an important way to display your site’s use of SSL from a trusted third-party. “Dynamic” seals allow a visitor to click the seal to get a real-time confirmation directly from the CA that your site is safe & secured. “Static” seals don’t allow any interaction, and don’t provide up-to-the-minute confirmation of security from your CA, they are a mere image.

Warranty Amount ? This warranty protects you in the rare event that the CA or SSL you have chosen suffers a breach or is found to have issued your SSL certificate to a non-authorized group. Larger warranties mean more protection & peace-of-mind which can also be passed on to your website visitors

Premium Features

Vulnerability Scan ? The Vulnerability Scan is exclusive to premium DigiCert SSL certificates and provides a comprehensive report of your website’s potential vulnerabilities. If you have unpatched or misconfigured services or software, this automated monthly scan will let you know how to fix the problem with actionable reports.

Malware Scan ? Exclusive to some DigiCert certificates, the Malware Scanning feature is conducted regularly on your site by DigiCert to ensure your site has not been infected. If you have an alert is immediately emailed to you so you can quickly resolve the problem. Infected sites risk spreading the infection to their visitors and suffering from search engine blacklisting.

ECC Enabled ? ECC is a new mathematical algorithm that offers comparable security to RSA (the most widely used algorithm) while using less bits, which means lighter & faster connections and increased performance without compromising on security.

Purchasing from Us

24/7 Support ? We always offer 24/7 support by phone, email, or live chat. At any step of the SSL process our experts are here to help. Did we mention that we ONLY sell SSL? That means we aren’t distracted with offering dozens of other products like most of our competitors.

30 Day Refund ? Purchase with confidence knowing that you can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. It doesn’t matter what the problem is – whether your project needs change, or it turns out you have technical hurdles.

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Symantec Code Signing

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List Price₹ 40,219.40

Your Price₹ 28,814.50

Your Savings₹ 11,404.90

Product Features

Validation LevelOV

Issuance1-3 Days

Domain CoverageN/A

San SupportNo

Server LicensingSingle Server - Additional may be purchased

Validation RequiredBasic Organization & Domain

Browser Comp.99.99%

ReissueUnlimited Reissues

Boost Google RankingCheckmark Icon

Reissue256 Bit

User Trust & Confidence

Green Address BarX-Out Icon

Trust Seal TypeN/A

Warranty Amount125000

Premium Features

Vulnerability ScanCheckmark Icon

Malware ScanCross Icon

ECC EnabledCross Icon

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24/7 SupportCheckmark Icon

30 Day RefundCheckmark Icon

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