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We've been in the SSL game long enough to know that there are companies all around the world with a wide variety of needs. Some are looking to resell on a large scale to their own clients, some have a huge internal need for SSL, some just want to throw up a couple of links on their site and watch commissions roll in, and some are looking for opportunities beyond SSL. So we figured, why not offer all of these options?! Basically, if you have SSL needs, no matter how large or small, you've come to the right place. Take a look at our various SSL partner programs below to see what one is the best fit for you. Let's get this partnership started!


The big daddy! If you're a web host, web development firm, IT service provider, domain registrar, SEO company, or in a similar industry – it's time to start making money with SSL! After all, your customers need it – they're probably already buying from somewhere – so why not buy from you?! This is where our SSL reseller program comes into play. The SSL industry is exploding! Especially in the wake of Google's announcement that websites secured with SSL will get a rankings boost. Basically, the Internet as a whole is moving towards an "HTTPS Everywhere" approach, so it's time for you to capitalize! Whether you're new to SSL or you've been reselling SSL for years, we're sure to have the unbeatable pricing and robust integration tools you need to realize SSL as a serious revenue stream for your business.

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This is the perfect fit for companies and organizations with a large internal need for SSL. From schools to healthcare facilities, universities to municipalities, and everything in between, our Enterprise program is sure to save you the two most precious commodities: money and time. We get our Enterprise partners the certificates they need at unbelievably low rates – but then we back it up with the support and infrastructure necessary to make managing and provisioning these certs as simple as possible. We also have flexible billing options available, including getting on credit terms with monthly invoicing – so you'll shore up your IT needs while also becoming your accountant's best friend! If you're currently buried in an IT nightmare, let our Enterprise program help you regain your sanity and catch up on some sleep☺.

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Monetize your web traffic quickly with our Affiliate program! This program is a simple and fast way to make some cash with our globally recognized SSL solutions. When you become an Affiliate of RapidSSLOnline.com, you'll instantly get access to conversion-ready banners and links. You'll decide how to best get these links in front of the eyes of your web visitors – and if they click them and make a purchase on our site, you'll get a 10% commission of that sale. It's basically money for nothing! All you have to do is some simple advertising for our SSL solutions, which everybody knows and trusts, and you sit back, sip on a Pina Colada, and watch the commissions build and build! This is a turnkey program if you're looking to make a little money with SSL but don't want to perform any integration like with our reseller program.

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