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RapidSSLonline.com SSL Reseller Program

Partner with a leader to boost profits with SSL

If you're searching for an SSL reseller program, look no further than RapidSSLonline.com. At RapidSSLonline.com, we've perfected the art of SSL reselling, and if you got what it takes, we'll partner with you to ensure your customers never go anywhere else for SSL ever again. After all, if you're looking at this page, your customers probably have a need for SSL, so don't leave money on the table and risk sending them to a competitor? With our SSL reseller program – you'll have all the tools, support and profit margins necessary to service your customers and pad your bottom-line.

As a reseller of RapidSSLonline.com, you'll have FREE & immediate access to:

  • Complete access to all of Symantec's Website Security Solutions & products.
  • Some of the best pricing in the industry.
  • Robust integration tools.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • 24/7/365 support from SSL experts.
  • An extensive knowledgebase & helpdesk.
  • And much, much more!

Sooooo, What About Pricing?

We get it. One of the biggest draws of becoming an SSL reseller is getting access to outstanding pricing right away – so you can be competitive in the market and still get excellent margins. Lucky for you – you've come to the right place! You've probably seen how low our retail pricing is, but get this: we intentionally mark our retail pricing UP so that we leave available margins for our resellers. That's right; it gets even better than the pricing you see advertised. Our resellers have immediate access to some of the lowest SSL prices in the industry. Plus, our program is designed to reward our loyal resellers – the more you buy or sell, the lower your pricing becomes! Yep, automatically too!

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Decide How to Integrate

We've invested heavily into our integration tools, and our team of developers is always working on the latest and greatest ways to help our resellers get started easily. We have the most robust API in the industry, built on REST, along with a number of plugins for popular hosting and billing automation platforms like WHMCS, cPanel, Plesk, PBA, PBA-S, ISPsystem, Hostbill, and more. We also have a number of enablement tools to help resellers service their customers' SSL needs right away, even before the integration process has been completed. The second you sign up for a reseller account with us, you can start selling right away!

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24/7/365 Support from Industry Experts

When you join our reseller channel, our team becomes your team. And our team consists of more than 50+ professionals dedicated to one thing and one thing only: helping you effectively manage and provision SSL certificates and related security products. We offer 24/7/365 platinum-level support via phone, email, and live chat to all of our resellers. Additionally, you are assigned a dedicated account manager the second your account gets activated. We also have extensive documentation about all of our SSL products, along with sales tips, SEO tricks, keyword research, and everything you could possibly need to learn the ins and outs of the business.

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World's Most Globally Trusted SSL Brands

SSL is all about trust, and we happen to offer the most recognized and trusted brands in the world. Our resellers get to leverage the brand power of DigiCert the most trusted name in internet security. DigiCert, in conjunction with the DigiCert Secure Site Seal, virtually sells itself – since so many users are familiar with it and have learned to associate these brands with trust. In addition, we offer certificates from, you guessed it, RapidSSL®, as well as Thawte® and GeoTrust®. RapidSSL® has become synonymous with fact and easy protection at a budget-friendly price, while GeoTrust® and Thawte® are well respected in the international community for being reliable premium certificates that both increase conversions and offer top-level encryption and solutions.

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No Contracts, Commitments, or Fees of Any Kind

Whether you're completely new to SSL reselling or you're switching from another provider, we don't want you to feel locked in to a contract or have to put up a bunch of money up front to get started. You've got bigger things to worry about – like actually selling SSL! That's why when we say no contracts, commitments, or fees of any kind, we really mean it! You can sign up today and get started right away for free. And we don't have any yearly minimums or commitment requirements. Just buy and resell at your own pace! What are you waiting for? There is literally no risk to you. Simply click here to sign up and start putting the best SSL reseller program in the business to work for you.

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Why Choose Us?

As an SSL Pioneer, there have been 400,000+ site owners that love our convenient selection of the world’s most popular solutions, streamlined support, awesome experts and unlimited resources & tools to get the job done right at an EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE RATE!

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Our certs are supported on 99.9% of web browsers, iPhones & mobile devices

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