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Thawte™ SGC SuperCerts Have Been Discontinued

Certificate Authority (CA) Thawte™ has stopped selling SGC SuperCerts

One of the most leading and trusted Certificate Authorities, Thawte, has discounted their SGC SuperCerts effective immediately. As per Thawte's commendation, we have also ended all new orders of Thawte™ SGC SuperCerts.

Being an SSL certificate security industry leader, we take the utmost pride in counselling our users for their SSL certificate security requirements. We have listed a few other comparative certificates which are equivalent to the Thawte™ SGC SuperCerts:

All of the above enlisted certificates from Thawte and Symantec are equally qualified to provide top-level security. If those certificate options are not suitable for your requirement, we are here to support you for the best option with our team of SSL certificate experts. Feel free to chat with us for your SSL certificate requirements, so we can help you find the best one.

Important Notes:

  • If you currently have a Thawte SGC SuperCert on your website, it will continue to protect your website until the expiration date of the certificate.

  • If you were eligible for a Thawte OV certificate in the past such as the Thawte SGC SuperCert or Thawte Web Server Certificate, then you probably also qualify for an EV Certificate as a qualified business with the Green Address Bar.
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