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WildCard SSL Certificates

WildCard SSL Certificate are designed and developed to secure unlimited sub domains, including the fully qualified domain name. Using a single Wildcard SSL Certificate, you may incorporate an ample amount of pages over all sub domains. You don't need a dedicated IP for each sub domain and host name since the Wildcard SSL Certificate requires only a single server private IP for all sub domains and the main web site host name.

A Wildcard SSL Certificate allows users to authenticate access to multiple sub domains (such as the following domains) with just a single server SSL certificate without any error messages.

  • www.hostname.com
  • mail.hostname.com
  • domain1.hostname.com
  • domain2. hostname.com
  • secure.mydomain.com

Installation of a WildCard SSL Certificate on various web servers such as Apache, IIS 6, 7, cPanel, WHM and Exchange 2007 and 2010 is quick and simple. SSL WildCard Security Certificates are highly recommended, widely trusted web server SSL certificates boasting greater encryption technology and complete compatibility with the latest web browsers. A major advantage of a WildCard SSL Certificate is the ability to the secure a vast number of sub host names and a main domain name as opposed to having to order and install various independent certificates.

Advantages of Sub Domains WildCard SSL Certificate

Better SSL Security for Multiple Sub Domains: Websites with multiple sub domains, such as an e-commerce website consider a WildCard SSL Certificate as a comprehensive security solution since they assure users that their information is while being transmitted.

Saves Time and Money: A single certificate to protect multiple sub domains and a main host name could potentially save huge amounts of time and money in terms of management and cost.

Reasonable Solution: WildCard SSL Certificates are offered by several major Certificate Authorities and some, such as RapidSSL and GeoTrust, even offer unlimited server licenses. These certificates, which provide unlimited server licenses in addition to sub domain security, can be installed on numerous servers in order to protect many server domains. In order to find the service that best fits you or your organization's needs please compare the WildCard SSLs offered across multiple brands on our website.

RapidSSL Wildcard SSL Certificates

RapidSSL Wildcard SSL certificates are best suited for small and medium capital e-commerce web sites. RapidSSL WildCard Certificates offer 99% desktop and server browser compatibility with up to 256-bit SSL encryption and 2048-bit CSR encryption. RapidSSL Wildcard SSL Certificates include a $10,000 warranty and provides you with a competitive advantage by giving your visitors confidence that all of their personal data is protected including credit card details.


GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard

GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard SSL is the easy, affordable solution. GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard SSL Certificate is an ideal solution if you need to secure multiple Fully Qualified Domain Names that share the same base domain name, Unlimited Server access and share the same second-level domain name. Go with the crowd: GeoTrust is the most widely used brand on the top 1 million sites, according to January 2011's Alexa Netcraft Index.


Thawte WildCard SSL Certificates

A Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate can secure multiple Fully Qualified Domain Names if they share the same base domain name, Unlimited Server access and share the same second level domain name. Go with experience: Thawte is the oldest SSL security certificate brand.


Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Symantec Wildcard SSL Certificate is quite a convenient solution, it allows SSL encryption on multiple sub-domains using a single certificate, only of course if these domains are controlled/owned by the same company and are sharing the same base domain name.


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