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The global staple in the SSL industry

Back in 2007, we got a crazy idea and decided to go on a sole mission to make what we call SSL certificating as pain-free as possible and extremely accessible to the masses. Oh, and of course in the most cost-effective manner ever! Fast forward to 2015: RapidSSLonline.com is an internationally renowned enterprise and also one of the largest SSL providers in the world, with experience surpassed by no one! Not even close.

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Nice to meet you, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Post-pioneering, we've now become known for our ease-of-use, high-quality website security products, cheap SSL certificate prices across the board and for streamlining & automating a thing or six. The best & purest part of our award winning operation is that we do NOT dabble in the domain name business or the email & web-hosting business like many of our so-called competitors☺. We're simply a growing team of 60+ professionals with an all hands-on deck attitude for all things SSL all of the time, which can't honestly be said by anyone else.

Meet us

Choices galore!


Upon perfecting our craft, we eventually felt it was necessary to add the full suite of DigiCert website security solutions to complement our lightning-fast RapidSSL® certificates with more business-validated trust options; such as GeoTrust®, Thawte® and the flagship DigiCert brand itself. RapidSSLonline.com will get you what you need at an affordable rate without compromising the service & support necessary to find the solution for the job, any day, any time! Buy with confidence today.

  • GeoTrust logo
    GeoTrust logo

    Cost-effective & business-class solutions for all Boasting business-class identity & trust solutions, GeoTrust® proudly enables organizations to deliver top-notch products & service without a hitch. Learn more

  • Thawte logo
    Thawte logo

    Uncompromised & rock-solid international security solutions Thawte® is a leading global Certificate Authority (CA) that's been exclusively laser-focused on providing high-grade digital security certificates for more than 20 years.

  • RapidSSL logo
    RapidSSL logo

    RapidSSL® is an entry-level & low-cost SSL certificate brand from a leading Certificate Authority (CA) known for its lightning-fast issuance and no-frills encryption.

Why Us?

Why us


  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    I used the chat facility to confirm the SSL requirements for my website and received prompt advice together with a link to purchase. The whole process was easy to follow and quick.

  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Great shopping experience. Only downside is that during payment the security code input box is a bit too small.

    Ralph J. M
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Once I clicked the renewal email the process was easy to understand and quick. I confirmed the order and I guess I will get the instructions for the Certificate Request process for the new Certificate.

    Michael M
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Straightforward and well explained for a first timer like me. I especially liked the message about not worrying about the Certificate Signing Request details at this state as they will be sorted out later.

    Alanrapidssl L
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Always a great experience, which is why I continue to purchase all of my certificates from RapidSSLonline.

    David S
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    I love you guys. Very easy to get exactly what I want and quickly. And the price isn't too bad either ;)

    Nolan Max P
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    RapidSSLonline is my first choice because they not just offering competitive price but also exceptional customer support.

    Ethan W
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Marina is awesome!!! Best rep ever! She made us feel like there are real people behind big corporations still. Thanks Marina.

    Oralabs, I
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Awesome buying experience. Couldn't believe how easy it was to complete a purchase. I will definitely continue doing business with this company.

    Nenad P
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    i was very pleasantly surprised when i saw a 1 month trial for this certificate, im new to this so i really do need to try before i buy, so this offer is fantastic for me

    wayne s
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    RapidSSL has been very patient with my questions about a subject I know little about, which counts for a lot with me.

    J Bray
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Great prices and love the fact you offer a free trial. I just need to make sure this certificate covers what I need before I buy so this is great!

    Jacqueline M
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Very good and fast service. El servicio es una excelente opción para incorporar un grado de seguridad necesario para la operación de negocios online y a un precio adecuado para tiendas de pequeño y mediano tamaño para las cuales la seguridad en la operación con clientes es importante. La operación con "rapidsslonline.com" es cómoda, ágil y segura, destacándose además un apoyo importante en las fases de renovación de certificados. En base a la experiencia con "rapidsslonline.com" debo concluir que si es una opción recomendable que se debe considerar en el desarrollo del comercio electrónico.

    Osvaldo Ovalle F
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Very straightforward and easy to complete the order (despite this being the first time I have ever needed to order an SSL certificate).

    Kevin J
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    The SSL certificate purchase, approval and installation process is straightforward. We've been using RapidSSL certificates for years for most of our clients. The price is hard to beat, especially if you have a discount code. We haven't had any issues with our SSL certificates from RapidSSL ever.

    Nikolay D
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Great quick and very easy. The instructions made everything so simple. This has been better than the previous times I ordered from other companies.

    Craig D
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    super easy, super fast. THis is my first purchase of SSL from a place other than godaddy. This is much easier.

    Dave M
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Last year i had a great help with an expired certificate. The Assistant was very attentive and helpful, helped solve the problem. Thank You!

  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    First Experience so far has been good but we have to receive the certificate with minimum responce time... So looking forward!

    ASPGulf Support T
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Have a number of other SSL certificates through you, have been very happy with service and will def continue to order through you

    Jonathan H
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Fast and efficient. Even though there was a glitch during the order processing, it got handled efficiently and professionally without any unnecessary delays. Very pleased with services received and responsiveness.

    Alex P
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    I use rapidssl for all of my SSL certs. The pricing is great, the service is incredible, just can't ask for more!

    Gary H
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    All about price. You guys matched the other low price quotes I had for RapidSSL so you get my renewal! thanks

    Michael B
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    The ordering process was smooth, guided by instructions on every step with instant email notifications after each step. I've placed dozens of SSL certificate orders with RapidSSLOnline over the years and the user experience has always been great. Keep up the good service!

    Nikolay D
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Shopping was intuitive and easy. The support was excellent in helping me implement the SSL. Your on line information regarding security is invaluable. Thank you !!!

    David O
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Easy and fast to renew. Great customer service to - had a quick question, and they provided an instant answer. Been a customer for several years now, and I look forward to many more years!

    Tim H
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    I get what I ordered (Rapid SSL certificate for domain), all transaction including certificate confirmation takes less than hour.

    Daniel P
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    I I was very grateful to the service and support Simple and easy to install once again, my thanks Gilberto

    Gilberto Lima C
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    I enjoyed how the ability to cancel and get a store credit towards getting my correct SSL certificate. Excellent work.

    Bradford S
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    I found the Rapid SSL Online process to be quicker and simpler than going directly to the provider and the prices are exceptionally good. I'll definitely be a regular from now on.

    Michael M
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Everything works fine. I really liked that when i typed in my email address that it knew i already had an account

    Denis R
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    It is very easy to do bussiness with RapisSSL, all Q/A that I need is easy to find and clear to understand.

  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    I think we've renewed our cert 3 or 4 times now, this time we've committed to more years during the purchase.

    Gabe L
  • Shopperapproved Rating Image

    Quick, easy and inexpensive. The documentation is well written and easy to understand. We installed the certificates on several different web services without issue .




  • Partner Program

    Which option is the best fit for you?

    At RapidSSLonline.com, we have many programs available to suit a wide variety of needs. You’re sure to find a program that perfectly suits your needs, whether you have a customer-base that needs SSL, a large internal demand, or are looking to make commissions with referral links. We look forward to welcoming you as a partner of RapidSSLonline.com!

  • Reseller Program


    Perfect for web hosting companies, IT service providers, web development agencies, and other businesses that provide online services to customers, our reseller program will grant you instant access to deeply discounted prices on all of our SSL brands.

  • Affiliate Program


    Become an affiliate and you’ll get access to conversion-ready banners that you can quickly upload to your site or blog to start earning right away. When a customer comes to our site through one of your links and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a commission. It couldn’t be easier!

  • Enterprise Program


    Be the hero of your company! Our Enterprise program will streamline your internal SSL management process and save you money at the same time. Want improved efficiencies and a more appealing bottom line? What company could say no to that?!

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Why Choose Us?

As an SSL Pioneer, there have been 400,000+ site owners that love our convenient selection of the world’s most popular solutions, streamlined support, awesome experts and unlimited resources & tools to get the job done right at an EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE RATE!

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Our certs are supported on 99.9% of web browsers, iPhones & mobile devices

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