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Our experts short-listed SSL recommendations for you

Our SSL certificate experts took the time to compile a few convenient lists for some popular business categories. These lists are our personal recommendations for companies of this business-type. Simply, choose your category and then get a side-by-side comparison 3 recommended certificates.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokers, investment bankers and pension funds, etc. require much higher levels of security and assurance for the type of sensitive information they are dealing with. We recommend these premium security products for the finance industry.

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Retail Merchants

Retail Merchants are companies that sell products online and selling online includes accepting payments. We recommend the following high-security products to keep your customer's credit card and personal information secure, but to also assure users that you are safe & secure by activating trust indicators.

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As the world get more and more connected, more and more hospitals and other healthcare service providers are the last to begin leveraging the power of the Internet to reach customers. Due to the sensitive health data in questions, we recommend the following reliable products to secure this data as it's transmitted over the Internet and internal networks.

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Application Service Providers

As an Application Service Provider (ASP) or Software as a Service Provider (SAAS) there will be many users accessing your web-application or online software through browsers. Your system or server set up is usually more robust than a simple website. Aside from protecting transactions, you'll need to future-proof your SSL so you can use the same SSL for future systems to save time and money in the future.

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As city, state, and federal governments get with the times, more and more citizens can now conveniently access a lot of government services online such as tax payments, licensing and motor vehicle registration to name a few. We recommend the following products to properly protect all aspects of a government’s online presence.

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Domain Registrars

Domain Registrars mainly conduct business via web portals. That means you must protect not only your customer's data and personal information, but also confidential information about their domain registration, etc. Also, have you considered SSL as an additional revenue stream?

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Educational Institute

Educational Institutions from regional programs for K-12 to junior colleges to private and state four-year colleges & universities the need to secure confidential student data is held at the highest regard. Usually there are many different locations and complex systems to connect all parties throughout the educational systems, so we recommend a few solid options that will get the job done right.

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Hosting Provider

It’s safe to say, web hosting providers primarily conduct business online. Obviously, they have many transactions to secure for their own online sales, but if you think about it, the web host’s customers will most-likely need an SSL certificate for the exact website they are hosting at the web host, so any web host should strongly consider reselling SSL to properly service their own customers.

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