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RapidSSL® Certificates

Fast & low-cost SSL certificates from a leading certificate authority

RapidSSL® is an entry-level & low-cost SSL certificate brand from a leading Certificate Authority (CA) known for its lightning-fast issuance and no-frills encryption. It's purely focused on providing small/medium businesses (SMB) with strong 128- or 256-bit encryption in a flash. RapidSSL® is dedicated to being a low-cost SSL provider with fast issuance of domain validation (DV) SSL only for basic trust and security of blogs, low-traffic sites, internal testing domains, and similar websites.

RapidSSL® Certificate (DV) – New or Renewal

Encrypt your site fast with a popular standard SSL certificate

RapidSSL® certificates will provide you with basic encryption fast and for a cheap price! This extremely affordable entry-level security solution is easy to get because it uses an automated domain validation system to prove you own the domain. Issuance is almost immediate.

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RapidSSL® Wildcard Certificate (DV) – New or Renewal

Get sub-domains secured quickly with this low-cost & easy to manage certificate

RapidSSL® Wildcard certificates are one of the most-popular wildcard solutions sold to date. You can secure an unlimited number of sub-domains in a flash with this cheap domain validation wildcard SSL certificate. Once issued, you’ll be able to add-on sub-domains whenever necessary.

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FREE RapidSSL® Trial Certificate (DV)

Try the fully-featured FreeSSL™ certificate for 30 days

FreeSSL™ is an actual RapidSSL® certificate that is 100% FREE for a 30 day period. You can quickly & safely secure any website with the exact same 256-bit encryption as you get when purchasing a regular RapidSSL® certificate. This is ideal for temporary use or testing environments and can easily be upgraded at the end of 30 days.

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Our certs are supported on 99.9% of web browsers, iPhones & mobile devices

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