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Low-Priced DV SSL Security Solutions

RapidSSL® has cheap SSL certificate options for you

Finding the cheapest SSL certificate seems like everyone's new favorite thing, especially with Google's 2014 announcement. Many people have come to realize that they should enable HTTPS everywhere they possibly can. Encrypted transmission is now the new normal.

As more and more businesses leverage the rapidly increasing online landscape, there are more and more pieces of their system & network that should be secured. And everyone is slowly realizing every nook-and-cranny of their network doesn’t need to showcase trust with a premium EV certificate to activate all of the SSL indicators, some pages or portals simply just need an affordable encryption option available to simply make sure all data that passes through is encrypted. Lucky for all, RapidSSL® is the worldwide leader in fast & cheap SSL certificate options.

Choose from two cheap DV SSL solutions

With RapidSSL®, you have two extremely popular low-priced DV SSL certificate security solutions at your disposal. They're able to make it cheap, because it uses a streamlined automated domain validation process to make issuance super-fast & hassle-free.

Depending on the type of solution you need, choose from the following two extremely affordable domain validation (DV) SSL certificate security solutions:

RapidSSL® Certificate

A cheap RapidSSL® Certificate is your low-priced SSL solution when you need to encrypt one domain (both WWW & non-WWW versions) fast. You can speed through the issuance process and get industry-standard 256-bit encryption immediately. You also get a static site seal and a $10,000 warranty. Also, you get unlimited server licenses at no extra cost.

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RapidSSL® Wildcard Certificate

A cheap RapidSSL® Wildcard Certificate is your low-priced & cost-effective SSL solution when you need encryption across your main domain (i.e. yourdomain.com) and an unlimited number of your sub-domains as well (i.e. mail.yourdomain.com, server.yourdomain.com) by simply enrolling with *.yourdomain.com as the common name in your CSR. This product also only requires domain validation (DV) before issuance, but it is automated, so it’s fast. It includes a $10,000 warranty

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As an SSL Pioneer, there have been 400,000+ site owners that love our convenient selection of the world’s most popular solutions, streamlined support, awesome experts and unlimited resources & tools to get the job done right at an EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE RATE!

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