What Are Some Affordable SSL Certificates for My Blog?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought that SSL certificates were outrageously expensive. After all, some digital certificates are somewhat notorious for being expensive, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case when it comes to SSL certificates. You see, there are many types of affordable SSL certificates available for you to choose from with costs ranging from the single digits into the thousands. It all depends on what your needs are, such as whether you want basic protection or the highest level of security.

Although domain validated (DV), organization validated (OV), and extended validated (EV) certificates are all options you can choose from, a DV is typically the certificate you want to go with if you’re trying to keep things affordable. Here’s a bit more information on what a DV certificate is, what features it comes with, and how affordable it is.

What Is the Purpose of an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate serves one simple purpose: to encrypt the data transmission channel between your client (the end user’s browser) and the server it’s speaking to (your website) so that external sources can’t hack into to it or see the data in transit. However, what you need greatly depends on the application of your SSL certificate.

For small blogs and information-based websites, a basic DV certificate with a small warranty may be more than enough, as there won’t be much sensitive data being transmitted through your site. However, large eCommerce corporations who deal with significant payment data and customers will probably want to get something with a higher warranty and that offers the visual security indicators that let visitors know that the website is secure. An EV certificate, which until recently showed the company’s name next to the website’s address, would be ideal.

Domain Validated Certificates: Why Are They Cheaper?

While DV certificates may be seen as the “cheap” brother of SSL certificates, that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective when protecting a website. As explained in the previous section, SSL certificates can all have different features, but they all do the same core function for your website: encrypt the data transmission channel so that your customers are safe.

Now, you may wonder, “why are SSL certificates so expensive if they all do the same thing?” The answer comes down to the brand, the “extras” they offer, and the level of validation each certificate has. Some offer better support, while others come with larger warranties in the unlikely event that the encryption fails. And, finally, some companies are just pricier because of the track record they come with, as buying reliability can sometimes come at a steep price.

DV SSL certificates are affordable SSL certificates that allow your websites to be HTTPS secure. They just may not come with the features of more expensive SSL certificates. For example, with business validation certificates, yo can link your company to the certificate your purchase (as with OV certificates) or provide visual cues to let the visitor know that the website they’re visiting is secure (as with EV certificates). DV may also not include high warranty limits or fast installation times — factors you should consider before making your SSL Certificate purchase.

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What Are Some of the Most Affordable SSL Certificates?

When it comes to SSL Certificates, the most affordable way to go is DV. This will provide you with basic website encryption as well as a few extra features depending on the company you choose to go with. There are three main DV SSL Certificates in the market for you to choose from: RapidSSL certificates, GeoTrust QuickSSL premium certificates, and Thawte SSL123 certificates.

We’ve put together an affordable SSL certificate comparison chart to help you make an informed decision:

  RapidSSL DV GeoTrust QuickSSL (DV) Thawte SSL123 (DV)
Price $12.42/yr. $62.58/yr. $41.72/yr.
Validation Level Domain Validation Domain Validation Domain Validation
Issuance Speed Within Minutes Within Minutes Within Minutes
Domain Coverage WWW & non-WWW Domains WWW & non-WWW Domains WWW & non-WWW Domains
Server Licenses Unlimited Server License Unlimited Server License Unlimited Server License
Site Seal Static Static Dynamic
Warranty $10,000 $500,000 $500,000
Device Support 99.99% Browser and Mobile Devices Ubiquity 99.99% Browser and Mobile Devices Ubiquity 99.99% Browser and Mobile Devices Ubiquity
Reissues Free & Unlimited Reissues Free & Unlimited Reissues Free & Unlimited Reissues
Encryption Strength SHA-2 SHA-2 SHA-2
Bitrate 256 bits

256 bits

256 bits

Customer Support 24/7 Support 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
Refund Policy 30-Day Refund Policy 30-Day Refund Policy 30-Day Refund Policy
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