What Is a Single Domain SSL Certificate and How Do I Get an Affordable One?

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If you have only ONE website that you wish to make accessible over HTTPS, a single domain SSL certificate might be the perfect solution for you! A blog, a business, an ecommerce site (get an extended validation certificate for this one) — so long as it’s just a single domain, this certificate gets the job done flawlessly. A single domain SSL certificate provides the same level of encryption as other SSL/TLS certificates.

What Is a Single Domain SSL Certificate?

A single domain SSL certificate is precisely what the name suggests — it’s an SSL/TLS certificate that secures only one fully qualified domain name (FQDN) per certificate. It will, however, not cover any other domain name. While generating the certificate signing request (CSR), if you create it with a WWW, almost all certificate authorities (CAs) will give you the non-WWW version free of cost.

For example:

Using an SSL single domain certificate, you can secure domain.com, including both the WWW and non-WWW variations, i.e., www.domain.com as well as domain.com.

This means that when someone types in www.domain.com or domain.com into their address bar, it will take them to a secure website running over HTTPS.

A single domain SSL certificate can be issued for all the three validation levels — domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV), and extended validation (EV). Validation levels essentially determine how rigorously the certificate authorities (CAs) will verify the information you submit in your CSR. DV SSL certificates have the least stringent verification process, whereas the CA follows a thorough vetting process in case of EV certificates.

Features of Single Domain SSL Certificate

Now that we understand what a single domain SSL certificate is and how it works, let’s look at some of the fundamental features that come with these certificates.

Features Details/Status
Encryption Strength Up to 256-Bit strong encryption with 2048-bit RSA signature key
Issuance Time It can be issued within minutes, but the issuance time depends on the validation level of the certificate
Secure Site SealAvailable
Unlimited Re-Issuance Available
Unlimited Server Licenses Available
Validation Levels Supported DV, OV, and EV
Compatibility 99.9% Compatible with all major browsers
Warranty Up to $1,500,000
Secures WWW and non-WWW domain Available
Secure Padlock Available
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day money back guarantee!
Installation Support Available
24/7 Customer Support Available
Cost Secures single FQDN at lowest price points for every level of validation

How Do I Get a Single Domain Certificate?

Standard single domain SSL certificates are typically priced lower than the other types of certificates at every validation level. Want some more good news? You can get yours in five simple steps!

  1. Pick the single domain SSL certificate that you wish to purchase depending upon your business requirements. Weigh your options based on your desired certificate validation level and functionality. Find the single domain SSL certificate that your business needs
  2. Generate a CSR for the certificate you selected and complete the order.
  3. Once that’s done, you’ll receive an order confirmation email from your CA that will contain a link to submit the CSR you created.
  4. For a DV SSL single domain certificate, it typically takes only a few minutes. For the other two verification levels, it usually takes longer (typically one to three days for OV and one to five days for EV), but the process can be expedited if required.
  5. Once the vetting process is over, you’ll receive your certificates via email. Install them on your server and voila! You should, at this point, be able to access your website over HTTPS.

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