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Why Choose RapidSSLonline.com for your SSL Needs?

An SSL pioneer with low-priced SSL certificates

We could ramble about us all day, however, if you don't have all day for SSL decisions, here's a few quick bullet points to ensure you're going with the right SSL provider:

  • We're a pioneer in the SSL reselling game as we know it today, we invented it back in 2007.
  • Choose from the 4 most-famous, trusted & leading SSL brands in one place.
  • You can buy new or renew at below wholesale prices.
  • We have an awesome Price Match Guarantee to match or beat lower prices anywhere.
  • We're an Website Security Specialist for DigiCert, GeoTrust®, Thawte® and RapidSSL®.
  • We provide FREE Live Support – 24 hours a day, 365 day a year! Call 727.388-1333, Live Chat or Email.
  • We have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Extremely fast issuance…in just mere minutes!
  • It is simple, fast & secure. All orders are processed real-time.

10 More Reasons if You Have the Time!

For those of you who have the time to spend all day on SSL, here's 10 more reasons why you should buy from RapidSSLonline.com.

We Offer a Complete Range.

RapidSSLonline.com offers a complete range of certificate solutions suitable for low-volume/low-transaction value sites, professional/high-trafficked sites and for various development applications and every budget.


RapidSSLonline.com is a highly-regarded Platinum Partner of GeoTrust®, a trusted, credible and established CA with an internationally recognized brand. GeoTrust® owns the Equifax roots that are already present in all popular browsers and used to issue the Professional Level certificates. RapidSSLonline.com uses the root used to issue RapidSSL®, FreeSSL™ and RapidSSL® Wildcard certificates. GeoTrust® is a WebTrust-compliant CA and holds the Web Trust Seal.

Browser Recognition.

RapidSSLonline.com's certificates offer browser recognition rates from 99.9% which is beyond suitable for testing/development, light e-commerce and high-volume/high-transacting e-commerce websites.

Single-Root not Chained-Root.

RapidSSLonline.com offers SSL certificates utilizing single roots (owned by RapidSSL® and GeoTrust®) making installation quicker and simpler than chained-root certificate installations. Issued in minutes - installed in seconds!

Certificate Strength.

All certificates offered through RapidSSLonline.com use 128- to 256-bit industry-standard SSL encryption.

Industry Leading Support.

Outstanding telephone, web and email support are available for all certificates sold through RapidSSLonline.com. Unlike many of our competitors, RapidSSLonline.com does not charge extra for live technical support.

Big Warranties.

All certificates are issued from a WebTrust-compliant CA complemented by a decent size warranty for a peace-of-mind for any mis-issuances. The automated validation processes have been audited as part of WebTrust compliance, making mis-issuance extremely unlikely. To date, there here has never been a recorded case of a mis-issuance warranty being used, so beware of paying inflated prices for additional warranties.

Automated Online Validation.

For many of our certs, the validation system is conducted online and is completely automated. There is no faxing or documentation required and we complete the online validation in just minutes. As part of the provisioning process with RapidSSL, ChainedSSL and FreeSSL, businesses are assigned a Unique Business Identifier which is equivalent to a DUNS number. The Unique Business Identifier provides a corporate profile to the Internet users through information imbedded in the certificate. With the Unique Business Identifier, industry-recognized domain control authentication, and two-factor telephony authentication, RapidSSLonline.com offers one of the strongest real-time authentication process on the market today.

Fast Issuance.

RapidSSLonline.com's validation and issuance infrastructure allows certificates to be issued immediately - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Low Cost.

RapidSSLonline.com is a low cost provider of SSL certificates market and offers the lowest priced certificates suitable for all application categories including low-volume/low-transaction value, professional level and testing/development environments.

*** Please note that delays in issuance can be caused if your order has been flagged for additional security review by GeoTrust for your protection.

we're a certified website security specialist
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Our certs are supported on 99.9% of web browsers, iPhones & mobile devices

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