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SSL Certificate Comparison

Quickly compare the different types of certificates

On this page you can easily compare the top security solutions within each certificate category or type. Simply decide which solution type best fits your needs and we’ll show you a convenient comparison chart so you can easily see which one will work for you. Happy comparison shopping below!

SSL Certificate Comparison Based on the types

Wildcard SSL Comparison Icon

Wildcard SSL Certificates Comparison

Wildcard SSL certificates are able to secure unlimited sub-domains on a single domain name by simply enrolling with *.yourdomain.com as your common name. It’s the most cost-effective & easiest way to manage security for sub-domains belonging to a single website.

EV SSL Comparison Icon

EV SSL Certificates Comparison

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the ultimate solution to promoting and instilling trust on a website by passing a more thorough validation process. EV certificates are proven to provide an ROI by increasing conversions on your site.

Multi Domain Comarison Icon

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates Comparison

Multi-Domain certificates are also known as Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL or Unified Communication Certificates (UCC) which are designed to conveniently protect multiple domains or host names with one single certificate. They can also protect firewall devices, gateways, IP addresses and private hostnames. UCC Certificates are specially designed to be compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Office Communications Server 2007.

DV SSL Comparison Icon

DV SSL Certificates Comparison

Domain Validated (DV) certificates are quick and easy to get because all you must do is prove the ownership of the domains you’re wishing to secure. DV certificates are just simply encryption and not intended to promote trust. All in all, these certificates are issued in minutes and provide baseline protection.

Code Signing Comparison Icon

Code Signing Certificates Comparison

Code Signing certificates simply protect your downloadable code, software or content to ensure its integrity. You want your users to know they are getting un-tampered code in its original form that will not harm their systems in any way. Out two brands of code signing certificates are the leaders in the industry and will get the job done for you.

OV SSL Comparison Icon

OV SSL Certificates Comparison

Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificates promote higher assurance to site visitors by displaying basic company details on your certificate after the CA verifies your company is legitimate and in good standing within your government registry. OV certificates let users know you are a real company.

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