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Extended Validation (EV) requirements are no big deal!

First, let's help you understand the underlying notion of an EV certificate all together. In a nutshell, an EV certificate is the highest standard of website security & encryption, whereas the issuing Certificate Authority (CA), such as DigiCert, has an authentication process they must follow to properly vet a business before issuing this special security clearance. Ultimately, this process is in place to protect all web users from hackers, fraud, phishing or the mishandling of sensitive data. So, in order to promote or assure website users that a particular website is operated by a legitimate and registered company who is using the appropriate encryption mechanisms to secure all data transmission, you must first pass this standardized EV process.

If you're actually a real business, the EV process is really no big deal, you just have to follow the process and our lead. It's designed more for stopping fake or deceptive companies, than actual registered or real companies. So, now that you get the overall gist of an EV certificate, you're one step closer to being able to promote the highest level of confidence to website visitors across the globe when they're browsing, shopping or comparing companies online.

Unmatched online benefits from an EV certificate

Remember, the purpose of the extended validation process is to 100% confirm that a legal entity operates the website and to ensure all communications will be safely encrypted using modern encryption technology. Once that's proven, an EV SSL certificate is issued then successfully installed on a web server, whereas the website will not only be secure, it will trigger the latest SSL indicators within browsers, HTTPS, padlock, and the issuing security company will vouch for your legitimacy by displaying your verified company details which are all extremely popular visual cues that have proven to increase online confidence, trust, conversions and sales! Need more convincing if EV SSL is worth it?

So, what exactly are these extended validation requirements?

Well, no matter the brand, all EV certificates have the exact same requirements or guidelines that they must follow created and mandated by the Certificate Authority and Browser (CA/B) Forum so they all behave the same way within the browsers. It basically states that all CAs may only issue EV certificates to private organizations, government entities, business entities or non-commercial entities that successfully satisfy the baseline requirements. During what is called the identity vetting process, the certificate applicants (authorized members of the legal entity) must complete the following requirements in order to get this trusted security solution:

The majority of the above requirements can be automatically completed by the CA using official government business directories (i.e. Secretary of State) and/or other resources such as Dun & Bradstreet, Yellow Pages, or WHO.IS records. However, if the CA is unable to verify the required information, the Certificate Applicant can still proceed with the EV identity vetting process using alternative methods approved by the CA/B Forum – which is where RapidSSLonline.com's SSL & validation experts conveniently come into play.

Due to our experience, expertise and sheer volume of EV SSL certificates we issue daily, RapidSSLonline.com knows every possible method and alternative method to complete the EV identify vetting process and we're eager to provide you with the EV tools and resources to get the job done in the least amount of time possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our EV SSL offerings and/or any of the baseline requirements, please contact our EV experts via Live Chat, call us directly at 727.388.1333, or email us.

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Extended Validation certificates are the pinnacle of showcasing trust & security online. After thorough vetting of the company, the issued EV SSL certificate will activate all of the SSL trust indicators within a browser to showcase your site's integrity, which includes dynamic Site Seals. which have proven to boost trust, confidence & conversion for website users. Learn More

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