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DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

Secure your software, reduce warning messages, and increase customer trust with a code signing certificate from an industry-leading CA, DigiCert

A DigiCert Code Signing Certificate tamper-proofs your software, apps and drivers while authenticating your identity to users. With this greater trust and protection, users are more likely to download your product. Plus, both you and the user can have peace of mind knowing that your software is kept safe.

The benefit of signing your code with the DigiCert Code Signing Certificate doesn’t stop there. You will also greatly reduce the amount of warning messages that pop up when users attempt to download your software. This will increase trust and improve download rates! Not sure? You be the judge of which message is more likely to encourage a download:

CodeSigning Certificate

DigiCert Code Signing Helps You Avoid These Pitfalls

With the DigiCert Code Signing Certificate, you can prevent your software and business from suffering many pitfalls not having a code signing cert can cause, such as:

  • Warning messages affecting download rates and overall revenue
  • Damage to your brand integrity by showing a lack of commitment to security
  • Loss opportunities with potential partners and distributors due to not meeting their professional or contractual standards
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Installation Service:

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DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

  • Validation Type: OV
  • Issuance: 0-3 Days
  • Verified Publisher Identity: Yes
  • Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation: No
  • Available for Individual Developers: No
  • Stops Unknown Publisher Warnings: Yes
  • Displays Verified Publisher Name: Yes
  • USB Token Storage: Yes
Key Features and Benefits of DigiCert Code Signing
  • Encrypted Digital Signature
  • Protect your software using the CA trusted by 90% of top companies
  • Offer a safer, more secure experience for your users by tamper-proofing your software, apps or drivers with our encrypted digital signature (you will know if the software has been tampered with)
  • Increase trust by ensuring users can verify the owner of the software through your digital signature
  • Reduce warning messages so your customers feel safe to download your product
  • Impress partners and distributors with a premium code signing certificate that denotes professionalism and commitment to best practices
  • Ensure users can see your commitment to security even after your certificate expires with the optional timestamp feature
  • Private key storage on a compliant HSM or USB token offers more security and control


The DigiCert Code Signing Certificate allows you to sign code with nearly any platform out there as it’s supported by most major development/software platforms. This includes:

  • Microsoft Authenticode
  • Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA
  • Java files and applets
  • Apple applications
  • Adobe AIR files
  • And more


The DigiCert Code Signing Certificate is an excellent certificate that provides a lot of value at a very affordable price. But for even more powerful features, we recommend the DigiCert Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificate. Here is what you get with the EV cert:

  • Gets rid of Microsoft SmartScreen error messages. The EV certificate instantly builds trust with Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter, which is notoriously difficult to establish trust with when you’re a new software.
1-Year Price
2-Year Price
3-Year Price
Encrypted digital signature
Requires validation of organization
Uses hardware token for added security
Instant Microsoft SmartScreen reputation
OV Code Signing
₱422.75 per year
₱415.33 per year
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EV Code Signing
₱593.75 per year
₱583.33 per year
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