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Other Certificates

Here's some additional website security solutions

The DigiCert Secure Site Seal is almost too good to be true! It’s a trust symbol you get to place on your site, assuring customers that your business is legitimate and any transactions they conduct will be fully protected. When you consider that 60% of surveyed participants have ditched their online shopping cart due to the absence of a site seal, its importance can’t be understated.

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DigiCert S/MIME Certificate

Take your security to the next level—protect your emails from cyber threats with the DigiCert S/MIME Certificate

Secure your emails against phishers, hackers, and other nefarious actors with DigiCert S/MIME Certificates. This versatile certificate enables email signing, email encryption, certificate-based authentication, and document signing. Protect your emails from the world leader in PKI—trusted by 90% of Fortune 100 companies.

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DigiCert Document Signing Certificate

Apply legally-binding signatures with this Adobe-trusted document signing certificate from an industry leading CA, DigiCert

The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate enables you to safely send legally binding documents with any popular program, including Adobe! For added security, your digital certificate and private key are also protected by two-factor authentication.

Installation Service

Let us save you the trouble of having to install your SSL yourself

With RapidSSLonline.com's Installation Service, you don't have to worry about installing your new SSL/TLS certificate–we'll do it for you. Let one of our experts handle all the hassles and stress that would regularly come with installing your own SSL certificate. It's simple, painless and gives you peace of mind knowing that your security certificate has been installed properly and will work just as it should. Just purchase this Installation Service like you would any other product, schedule a time and let us do the rest!

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Why Choose Us?

As an SSL Pioneer, there have been 400,000+ site owners that love our convenient selection of the world’s most popular solutions, streamlined support, awesome experts and unlimited resources & tools to get the job done right at an EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE RATE!

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Our certs are supported on 99.9% of web browsers, iPhones & mobile devices

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