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Code Signing Certificates

Signed, sealed, delivered!

Code Signing Certificates help you secure the delivery of code and content with a digital signature and key system. This virtual signature establishes trust with the people downloading from you. Any malicious shenanigans after the file or application is published will be flagged by these certs, warning recipients that the software's origin is no longer verifiable and safe. Authenticate your identity, and ensure the integrity of your work with this essential security solution.

Are you The Key Master?

When a Code Signing cert is requested, paired public and private keys are generated by an issuing Certificate Authority (CA). The private key remains with you alone, and the complementary public key can validate its unique signature. It's like a secret handshake. After CA processing and cert installation, your software will be made clearly trustworthy for transfers.

Versatile and compatible protection

These certs can be used to sign the majority of file formats, such as the .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, and .xpi extensions. Leading software platforms such as Microsoft Authenticode®, JavaSoft™, Adobe® AIR™, VBA and Office, and Apple® are all supported for verification by the Certificate Authorities.

Another advantage of a digital signature is in supplying reliable updates, even if they're provided through a third party. New versions of software can be stamped with its original keys, assuring users that any fixes or patches are definitely coming from you, the original author.

Are Code Signing Certificates what you're looking for?

If you're the publisher of circulated software, these certs are fundamentally important additions to its distribution. Don't pass them up! Officially identifying yourself is crucial to making people comfortable with your product and organization. And this earned trust can translate to repeated consumer loyalty and conversions.

Check out our selection of Code Signing Certificates after the jump!

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Publishers Use Digital Code Signing Certificates to Authenticate Software

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

Secure your software, reduce warning messages, and increase customer trust with a code signing certificate from an industry-leading CA, DigiCert

Stop security warnings, protect your software, and increase customer trust with the world leader in PKI. DigiCert Code Signing certificates allow software publishers to digitally shrink warp their software executables, protecting their customers and making the installation process easier.

DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate

The DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate instantly builds trust with Microsoft's SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter.

DigiCert EV Code Signing offers the highest level of security for your executable software files. Get your software trusted by Microsoft SmartScreen to remove annoying SmartScreen security popups when installing your software. Plus, the included USB token ensures your private key stays protected and secure.

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