What is DigiCert Global Root CA? Here’s What You Need to Know

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DigiCert global root CA is a bit different than you think…

What is DigiCert Global Root CA? Do I need to install DigiCert Global Root CA on my server? If you’re here for either of these questions, then you’re at the right place. Essentially, DigiCert Global Root CA is a root certificate provided by DigiCert. DigiCert is one of the most trusted certificate authorities (CA) in market today. Now you might be wondering what a root certificate is. Let’s start with understanding root certificates.

What is a Root Certificate?

SSL certificates work on a structure regarded as the “chain of trust.” It’s a chain of certificates starting from the certificate authority (CA). This chain of certificates consists of root certificates, intermediate certificates, and leaf (server) certificates. Here’s how it looks:

Certificate Chain

When you purchase an SSL certificate, you might think that you’re only getting the tail of this certificate chain, but you’re actually getting two other certificates that are needed to secure your website. These certificates are intermediate and root certificates.

Intermediate certificates are the inter-linking certificates that link root certificates with the end-user certificate. These certificates eliminate the security risks by separating the root certificates and end-user SSL certificates. That’s because it can prove to be quite dangerous to issue a certificate straight from the root if the root gets compromised.

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Root CA certificates are self-signed by their respective CA. Every SSL certificate that you install on your server links to a particular root certificate. These root certificates are stored in the browsers, and they’re used to verify the legitimacy of the SSL certificates. Every browser has its list of trusted root certificates in its root store. If a website has a certificate that doesn’t have its linking root certificate in the browser, a security warning is shown to the user.

DigiCert Global Root CA: Root Certificate by DigiCert

DigiCert Global Root CA is a root certificate of DigiCert, the most trusted commercial SSL certificate authority in the world. DigiCert’s root certificates are trusted all around the globe — including educational and financial institutions as well as government entities.

Do you Need to Install DigiCert Global Root CA on Your Server?

Well, you don’t need to. As you have installed an SSL certificate and its intermediate certificate on your web server, your server is already carrying the authenticity of DigiCert. Moreover, the browsers have in-built root stores in them that are used to verify your SSL certificates.

Protect Your Website with DigiCert Global Root CA

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