15 Big Reasons to Upgrade Your Website Security to Symantec

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You quite literally cannot afford to be without Symantec Encryption

Do you care about your customers?

Of course you do. You kind of have to, it’s what keeps you in business. Regardless of whether you’re selling something, you need to think of the people who visit your website as customers. Whether it’s blog posts, photographs or actual goods and services, everyone who visits your site is consuming something.

And all of them care about their privacy. Which is why you owe it to them, and yourself, to encrypt and secure your site.

Here are five reasons you need to upgrade your website’s security and ten reasons why Symantec is the best option for doing so.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated

It goes without saying that as the Internet evolves, so do cyber criminals. Lately, the level of sophistication of these criminals has grown. This means more complex phishing scams, better hacks and even more data breaches. You cannot afford to leave the communication between your visitors’ browsers and your web server unencrypted because someone WILL exploit it.

Your website gets a search ranking boost from encryption

impact of ssl certificate on google ranking

Did you know that Google gives websites with encryption a search ranking boost? It’s true. If Google detects SSL encryption on your website, it will rank it better. Every little bit helps and SSL could be the difference between page one and page two.

The browser community is pushing for encryption

encryption in web browsers

Slowly but surely, the browser community is starting to phase out HTTP and replace it with HTTPS. HTTP represents a non-secure connection whereas HTTPS means that the SSL protocol is at work and your communication is encrypted. There’s a multitude of reasons for this – from the growing concerns over privacy to free SSL offerings from the likes of Let’s Encrypt and Amazon – but the salient point to take away is that the Internet is moving towards a fully-encrypted model.

top web browsers in industry who supports encryption

HTTP/2 requires encryption

Building on the last point, the Internet is also moving – even more slowly – towards the next generation of HTTP/HTTPS. It’s called HTTP/2 and it requires a website to have encryption. You don’t want to be left behind when HTTP/2 becomes fully implemented, so go ahead and encrypt now and reap all of the other benefits encryption has to offer.

http 2 require encryption

It gives your customers peace of mind

win customers trust with an encryption

Customers are savvier than you might give them credit for. When they see the padlock icon, a trust seal or the green address bar—they feel a greater sense of safety while on your site. That in turn leads to trust and trust leads to conversions. Encryption quite literally can improve your sales numbers.

It protects your reputation

be a brand with an ssl certificate protection

Another great reason to encrypt your website is the fact you’re protecting your reputation. What do you think happens when a company suffers a data breach and their customers’ private information gets stolen? Those customers’ trust in you fades and your reputation takes a hit. In business you’re only as good as your reputation. So invest in a security solution that safeguards it.

Why Symantec SSL?

Ok, so there’s five reasons for getting encryption in general? But why Symantec SSL? What sets Symantec apart from other brands?

Symantec is an industry leader

symantec is an industry leader

There are dozens of Certificate Authorities but Symantec is the most trusted of all of them for good reason. We’ll get to those reasons in subsequent points, but the result of Symantec being the most trusted is that when people see the Norton Secured trust mark, or that your website is protected by Symantec they’re statistically more likely to do business with you. They have a 37% market share, more people know of them and more people recognize them. You cannot go wrong with a Symantec SSL Certificate.

Symantec offers the best encryption technology

symantec https encryption everywhere

There are industry standards set by the CA/B forum – a collective of CA’s and browsers – that set baselines for encryption strength. But Symantec SSL Encryption, with its Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) goes above and beyond. ECC is more secure and uses less computing power. It’s also unique to Symantec.

Multiple security solutions

Regardless of the platform you’re running or what you need to secure, Symantec has a solution for it. Whether it’s securing multiple domains or sub-domains, code signing or Symantec SSL for Microsoft Exchange. There’s a security solution for everyone from Symantec.

Fast Verification process

Many CA’s advertise a quick verification process but few can deliver on that promise like Symantec does. Once you’ve placed your order and submitted the requisite documentation, Symantec’s team acts quickly to issue your certificate. Your time is important and Symantec doesn’t make you wait.

24-7 live support

Other CA’s boast about their customer service, none are as accessible as Symantec though.

Symantec provides:

  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • E-mail Support
  • Quick SSL Installation Guides.
  • Social Media Support

Eliminates browser security alerts

security warnings at modern web browsers

Nothing kills a website quite like browser security alerts. Right there, for the world to see, is a huge box that screams, “this site may not be safe!” You can’t afford that, so you need to invest in a top-notch SSL Certificate to ensure that it doesn’t happen. Symantec SSL prevents browser security alerts and pop-up messages from ever dissuading your customers.

Compatible with all modern browsers

This one is pretty universal, but it’s worth noting. When you buy a Symantec SSL Certificate it works across all browsers. 99.9% of them. That includes all the most modern browsers too. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge—all of them. And that’s important because if you’re going to invest in a product, it better work everywhere.

Hassle-free installation process

Symantec SSL is easy to install and their friendly staff is there to help if you need it. After you fill out your CSR, send in your documentation and get the certificate issued, just follow the directions and within minutes your SSL certificate will be ready to go.

Extended Warranty

Warranties are important, you want to know that you’re covered in the event something goes wrong. There is no better warranty in the industry than a Symantec SSL Warranty. Depending on what SSL certificate you choose, you could be covered up to $1,750,000 dollars. You’ve already given your customers peace of mind, with a Symantec SSL Warranty, you’ll have it too.

Advanced SSL tools

Symantec also offers advanced SSL tools for its customers, which help them to install SSL certificates and check the status of their SSL certificates.

Symantec SSL Tools

1. CSR Checker

This ‘CSR Checker’ helps you to check the CSR you have generated will work correctly.

2. SSL Checker

This SSL Checker tool helps the users to check the status of your SSL certificate—namely whether it was installed correctly.

Other Important SSL Tools That You May Need

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, that’s 15 reasons you need to invest in an SSL certificate, including 10 on why you’d be best-served to invest in Symantec SSL Certificate.

Remember, SSL isn’t a cost—it’s an investment. And to the get the best return on that investment, you need a Symantec SSL certificate.