Raise Green Sign of Trust and Decrease the Risk of Scam with EV SSL

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Enable Green Address Bar with EV SSL Certificate to Influence Users Trust

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An extended validation or EV SSL certificate lets a website’s visitors know that it is secure. The green color shown in the address bar, similar to the green color shown on a traffic light, indicates that the visitor can safely proceed when performing a monetary transaction. This type of certificate is the most advanced type of SSL certificate currently available, and a person who wishes to buy an EV SSL certificate needs to have credentials verified by a strict process.

Some browsers no longer show the traditional gold padlock to indicate that the information submitted on the page is secure. Instead, the green color in the address bar lets the user know that the site meets very strict security measures. The user can hover a mouse over the green color on the address bar to view information regarding the ownership of the website and the certification authority (CA).

The strict requirements of an EV SSL certificate mean that a hacker is going to find it extremely difficult to break into an account and steal sensitive information about the account holder. Numerous websites, including the professional sites of large corporations, do not use EV SSL certificates, and this fact is a troubling issue for many consumers.

Internet users want to see the green color in an address bar when they visit websites, even if the individuals do not use the sites for transactions involving money. Website owners who are negligent in the security measures they take to protect their customers and visitors are sure to lose valuable patronage from these individuals.

The risk of scam applies to any type of website. If the website owner purchases an affordable EV SSL certificate, the beneficial result is that the potential for customer growth increases.

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