The Significance of the Norton™ Trust Seal

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Turn your users into customers with the confidence click

New Norton Trust Seal

Explore the Norton™ Secured Seal or Trust Seal and how it can help you gain confidence and trust in Online Shopping on a Global Scale.

With all the legitimate fears related to online transactions, gaining the trust of Customers is the most significant part of Online Shopping. Though online users have differing degrees of knowledge about the significance of a “Trust Seal” and secure padlock icon, they all want secure online shopping, and when these markers are missing, they are less apt to feel confident. Utilizing the Norton™ Trust Seal with an SSL Certificate will populate the padlock and trust seal on your web site which tells online users their transactions won’t be hacked during transmission. The Norton™ Trust Seal comes professionally with any type of Symantec™ SSL certificate.

When medium and small business platforms who run an e-commerce or web store analyze their shopping cart rejection ratio, the Norton™ Trust Seal should be a top consideration. The Trust Seal not only increases trust but also creates security protocols which prevent hackers from hacking sensitive data as people enter it into your web stores. That’s why the Trust Seal and Secured Seal are important beyond customers’ trust.

Usually, online market related news mentions online fraud, fake websites, hacking, and virus threats. All this news directly affects your e-commerce business marketing and sales figures. Ultimately, it negatively influences online shopping. Due to this high incidence of online fraud, online users have become more hesitant about entering sensitive or important data into a website.

The Norton™ Trust Seal is the surest way small online business or shopping cart owners can increase their customers’ trust and confidence to complete the shopping process at their store.

Five Major Points which improves online users trust and confidence towards online shopping

  • Display the Trust Seal of an Authorized Certificate Authority such as Symantec™.
  • Highlight web store security and privacy policy in all product and contact pages.
  • Display the tag line of Secured Payment Systems which includes SSL Certificates and 256-bit Encryption Level.
  • Display your authorized associations and memberships with badges or certificates.