Understanding WildCard SSL validation for the Android Platform

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Secure Android Platforms with Wildcard SSL Certificates

The world is moving towards a technology area where users depend on the smartphone technology such as Android, iPhone, and Windows. At the forefront of the smartphone technology is the ability for users tries to execute their online financial transactions using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops and using online applications and web platforms to shop online. Online shopping is the best way to save time, as well as money, but some online shopping aspects such as security, privacy, and trust mark should be present while executing these transactions on the web.

As the growing world of technology increases it is imperative that users become more aware and recognize the visual indicators of security while they shop online, especially when paying with a credit card or PayPal. The SSL industry has a wide range of security products such as Wildcard SSL Certificates, Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL), Subject Alternative Name (SAN SSL), Unified Communications (UCC SSL), Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate and Code Signing Certificates to protect web sites and their users. According to major Certificate Authorities that users used to execute their transaction through their smart phones where they use their android based applications to execute financial transactions.

WildCard SSL Security for Android Apps

The Most Android based smart phone applications use Wildcard SSL security to secure their user’s data while they exchange information through the device with web servers. Wildcard SSL certificates secure website URLs and unlimited numbers of their subdomains. Websites secured by regular SSL certificates are also protected by WildCard certificates, except that some Web servers may require an individual IP address for each subdomain listed by a Wildcard SSL. RapidSSLOnline.com has been supplying a full line of SSL security certificates, including Wildcard SSL, since 2009. All certificates and renewals sold on RapidSSLonline.com are exactly the same as what the Certification Authorities sell directly.

To use a WildCard SSL for Android, you can either import the SSL certificate from a local computer or buy it directly from the Android device, the certificate being a file with .cer extension from the chain included in the endpoint certificate or from the official site of the issuer (in the Base64 encoded X.509 format). For Android 2.2, the Wildcard SSL can be installed from an SD card after “Use secure credentials” is activated under the “Credential Storage” section of “Settings/Security.

Wildcard SSL for Android comes with several extra features, including timeout specification for SSL handshake operations, hostname verification (in most cases), optional SSL sessions caching with SSLSessionCache and to optionally bypass all SSL certificate checks. When accessing servers through Android Wildcard SSL certificates, the user must verify the server’s identity to ensure a secure connection. Android Developer designates several ways to verify the server through Wildcard SSL for Android in its reference guide.

The Wildcard SSL has additional benefits aside from its practicality. It works with all browsers and devices, it has 2048 bit encryption and includes free malware monitoring for all listed domains and subdomains, and it can be installed across as many servers as needed.

Compare Top Android Wildcard SSL Certificates

CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY RapidSSL logo GeoTrust logo Thawte logo
SSL Product Name RapidSSL Wildcard SSL GeoTrust Wildcard SSL Thawte Wildcard SSL
Validation Strength Domain Validation Organization Validation Organization Validation
Issuance Time In Few Minutes 1-3 Days 1-3 Days
Domain Coverage 1 Main Domain
+ Unlimited Sub Domains
1 Main Domain
+ Unlimited Sub Domains
1 Main Domain
+ Unlimited Sub Domains
Validation Required Only Domain Validation Basic Business Validation Basic Business Validation
Server Licensing Unlimited Server License Unlimited Server License Unlimited Server License
Site Seal Type Static Dynamic Dynamic
Warranty Amount 10000 1250000 1250000
Browser Ubiquity 99.99% 99.99% 99.99%
Reissuance Unlimited Reissues Unlimited Reissues Unlimited Reissues
Boost Google Rank Yes Yes Yes
Encryption Strength 256 Bit 256 Bit 256 Bit
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes
30 Day Refund Included Included Included
1 Year Price $149 $439 $399
2 Year Price $120 Per Year $384 Per Year $349 Per Year
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