GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Vs RapidSSL – Choose Affordable Option

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GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Vs RapidSSL Certificate are two of our most popular certs, let’s take a closer look at each

It’s time to make a decision, you’re looking for a cheap, domain validated SSL certificate to encrypt your website with—there’s two you’re looking at, GeoTrust’s QuickSSL Premium and RapidSSL.

We know the dilemma, these are two of our most popular SSL certificates and while they may seem fairly similar at first glance, there are some major differences between the two. Let’s take a closer look at each and help you arrive at an informed decision as to which SSL/TLS certificate is best for you. 

RapidSSL vs GeoTrust

RapidSSL, like GeoTrust, is owned by Symantec. If you’re seeking value look no further than RapidSSL. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure that its products are efficient, highly affordable and extremely convenient. From its fully-automated issuance process to its highly trusted RapidSSL site seal, the company always puts its customers first. You can follow RapidSSL on Twitter or contact it through official product page.

GeoTrust is one of the most trusted names in the web security sector. With over 100,000 customers in 150 countries, its reach is truly global. With a range of product offerings and other trust products, GeoTrust has a security solution for just about every situation and every budget. You can follow the company on Twitter, like it on Facebook or contact it here.

RapidSSL Certificate vs QuickSSL Premium

Before we nail down into the specifics, we’ve created a quick-glance table to present the GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium vs. RapidSSL debate in a more visual way. Here are some of the differences and similarities between the two certificates:

Compare Major Domain Validated SSL Certificates from Trusted SSL Brands

Certificate AuthorityRapidSSLGeoTrustGeoTrustGeoTrust
Product NameRapidSSL CertificateGeoTrust QuickSSL PremiumGeoTrust QuickSSL Premium WildcardGeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN
Domain CoverageFully Qualified Domain Name Security (WWW & Non-WWW)
Fully Qualified Domain Name Security (WWW & Non-WWW)
One Main Domain (FQDN) & All Sub Domains
Secure one main domain plus 4 additional sub-domains
Validation RequireFully Domain Validation (DV)
Fully Domain Validation (DV)
Fully Domain Validation (DV)
Fully Domain Validation (DV)
Encryption Strength128 / 256 bit and 2048 bit CSR
128 / 256 bit and 2048 bit CSR
128 / 256 bit and 2048 bit CSR
128 / 256 bit and 2048 bit CSR
SAN Compatibility
Wildcard Support
Server Licensing
Site Seal
Browser Support
99% of all Web Browsers99% of all Web Browsers99% of all Web Browsers99% of all Web Browsers
Mobile Browser Support
ReissueFree unlimited re-issuance for life-time!Free unlimited re-issuance for life-time!Free unlimited re-issuance for life-time!Free unlimited re-issuance for life-time!
SEO Boost Up
24/7 Support
30 Days Refund Policy
1 Year Price
2 Year Price
$14.95 Per Year$68.50 Per Year$244.13 Per Year$101.50 Per Year
Read MoreRead MoreRead MoreRead More

Validation Level

Both of these certificates are Domain Validated, this means that the Certificate Authority that’s issuing the certificate needs to simply verify you own the registered domain and the certificate can be issued.

Both certificates use an online validation process, meaning no paperwork for you. Another benefit is the speed these certificates can be issued with. It takes just minutes to have a QuickSSL Premium or RapidSSL certificate issued. So, if you’re looking to encrypt your website as quickly as possible, either of these certificates will do the trick.


Site Seals

This is where one certificate starts to differentiate itself from the other. The RapidSSL certificate comes with a static site seal. This means that the site seal is essentially just an image that can be placed on a home page or checkout page to assure visitors that they are protected. Static site seals are simple, but not ideal because they cannot be clicked to display information about the Certificate, and they can be faked.

Dynamic site seals – which the QuickSSL Premium has – cannot be faked. These site seals are clickable, and when clicked they show a timestamp, plus information about the domain and the SSL certificate. This is a great way to offer assurance to your customers that they are protected on your site and that the SSL certificate is authentic.



Another place that the QuickSSL Premium certificate differentiates itself is the warranty offered. The QuickSSL Premium comes with a massive $500,000 warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong on GeoTrust’s end, your company is covered for up to $500,000 dollars in damages.

Conversely, the RapidSSL Certificate offers a much smaller $10,000 warranty. In the event there are any issues with RapidSSL, you’re only covered for up to $10,000. So if you’re looking for peace of mind, you’re going to get more from going with GeoTrust over RapidSSL.



The one place that the RapidSSL certificate has a distinct advantage is when it comes to the price. It costs just $17.95 for a single year and just $14.95 per year for a two-year certificate. This is an extremely reasonable price for an SSL/TLS certificate. In fact, it’s one of the best in the entire industry.

On the other hand, you’re paying a little more for the GeoTrust QuickSSL cert because it comes with more premium features, namely the better site seal and the warranty. QuickSSL Premium starts at $79.00 for a single year and $68.50 per year for two-year certificate. This is still a good deal from an SSL standpoint, but it’s a bit richer than what RapidSSL is offering.


QuickSSL Premium vs RapidSSL

The decision is ultimately up to you. If you are more cost-minded then the RapidSSL certificate offers great, no-frills encryption at an extremely affordable price. On the other hand, if you’re looking for greater peace of mind – both for you and your customers – you can’t go wrong with a QuickSSL Premium.

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