Symantec™ Raises Prices for SSL Certificates in Japan

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Symantec™, the world’s largest Certificate Authority (CA), has mandated a price hike for all SSL certificates sold in Japan. This new pricing adjustment will be applied to all certificates sold to companies who are located in Japan, host their website or domain in Japan, or has a .JP extension. This hike in prices of Symantec™ products also includes GeoTrust™, Thawte™ and RapidSSL® branded SSL certificates, along with Code Signing Certificates sold in Japan.

To whom do these pricing changes affect?


  • Any partners who retain their SSL certificate business in Japan.
  • Any customer who wants to buy or renew an SSL certificate in Japan.
  • Any domain name or website hosted in Japan.
  • Issuance of a certificate which holds the domain extension of Japan such as .JP


How will this additional price be added to my order?


Our system has been modified for partners and customers in terms of Japan prices changes from Symantec™. Our system will identify orders as per the above conditions and will add surplus price as per the mandatory Symantec™ contract for Japan customers and partners before completion of the order process.

Please contact us if you are a Japan customer and have a question regarding the prices of Symantec™ SSL certificates. Email us at [email protected] or chat with an SSL certificate expert live for price confirmation in Japan.

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