Free Online SSL Tools to Check Up on Certificates

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Three Ways to Diagnose, Double Check, and Decode SSL Certificates

After spending the money to purchase an SSL Certificate, the last thing any business wants is an unexpected cost to diagnose, monitor, or double check the certificate that they bought. The great news is that there are free ways to diagnose problems with SSL Certificates online. Visitors can diagnose certificate problems, check whether private keys match a certificate, or decode Certificate Signing Requests to verify the correct information. Becoming aware of these free SSL Tools that check SSL certificates, compare SSL certificates, decode SSL Certificates, and check CSRs will help a business feel more confident about purchasing these web security products, which are critically essential.

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Diagnose the SSL Certificate

Select an SSL Certificate checking site online to discover whether there were any problems with the installation of the SSL Certificate. There are free sites that allow visitors to enter the server’s hostname into search boxes to verify that there was a correct installation of the SSL Certificate on the visitor’s web server. This will determine whether the SSL Certificate is trusted or valid, and whether or not any “error” messages are being given to any of the visitor’s users. The site may require a public server hostname.

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Double Check the Private Key and CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

Another free service that can be utilized online allows visitors to enter their certificate and private key info to determine if the Certificate Signing Request is matched by the private key of a certificate. Confusion can occur when trying to manage various certificates and some might forget which certificate goes with which private key or what code signing certificate was used to generate whichever certificate. One site compares an md5 hash of the private key modulus, or certificate modulus, or code signing request modulus to determine if there is or isn’t a match.

Check CSR Tool:

Decode Certificates to Verify Information

Utilize a decoder online which allows for a visitor to paste their Certificate Signing Request into an AJAX CSR decoder in order to verify that the Code Signing Request contains the correct information. It can be a hassle to determine what information is contained in a certificate signing request because the information is encoded. However, that encoded company information is used to issue the SSL public key. Because certificate authorities use the information contained therein, it is important to decode the certificate signing requests to make sure the information is accurate. This can be accomplished on a site which offers free decoding.

SSL Certificate Selection

With the knowledge that free services are provided to help in the organization or maintenance of these web security products anyone can feel more confident about purchasing them. Some providers already offer 24/7 technical support, but for those that may like to do it for themselves there are other resources online that are free and can serve as an encouragement for purchasing the web security products that their company needs.

After alleviating any fear that a business may have in purchasing a web security product, (due to the novelty of the product or user inexperience), it is important to differentiate which products would be most useful and cost-effective in accomplishing the web security needs of the business.

Quick Comparison of SSL Certificates

There are more certificates, but here are three popular choices:

  • EV SSL CertificateOffers the highest degree of protection by engaging in the most rigorous industry standardized validation and because of this, exclusively boasts a green address bar that is shown on 99.9% of browsers.
  • Wildcard SSL CertificateOffers a cost-effective option in securing multiple sub-domain names using a single certificate. This offers economy and versatility.
  • Standard SSL CertificatePersonal data protection in a more basic form for the lowest possible price. Solid web security but with less versatility or visual confidence than that which is provided by the other two.

Free SSL Tools Provide Confidence

Whatever the web security needs are for a business, it is important to consider what support there is out there for the product that the business desires to utilize. As said before, some sellers provide all the technical support that a buyer would need, but some do not. Since some may not, it is encouraging to know that there are free services that exist to help the buyers out in the process.

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