What is the Best Alternative of Namecheap & SSLs.com for Symantec SSL Certificates?

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The Norton Secured Site seal is no longer offered starting Oct. 16, 2023.

Look no further than RapidSSLOnline.com for all your Symantec SSL needs.

As of December 1, 2016 you can no longer purchase Symantec products through Namecheap or its SSL storefront, SSLs.com. The reason for this is simple: Namecheap has entered into an exclusive deal with the Certificate Authority, Comodo.

This means that a major Symantec reseller has left the market. It leaves Namecheap customers who had previously been using Symantec in an interesting position, too.

Who do you buy from now?

Do you go straight to the source and attempt to work with Symantec directly or do you look for another reseller to help you get a better price?

The answer is simple: RapidSSLOnline.com.

A Platinum Symantec Partner

Not to toot our own horn too much, but few companies – if any – enjoy the kind of partnership with Symantec that we do. In fact, our relationship with Symantec’s SSL division was cemented before it was even technically a part of Symantec—back to when it was still Verisign.

When Symantec acquired Verisign we became its very first Specialist Partner, meaning we are uniquely qualified and highly trained when it comes to Symantec’s entire product line. We were first. And to this day we continue to work closely with Symantec—taking a seat at its annual roundtables, broadening its reach in the marketplace and becoming the company’s very first Encryption Everywhere partner in the Americas.

In fact, these are accolades even Namecheap never got to boast of. At [insert website name], we’re not just any other Symantec reseller—we’re its highly esteemed partners.

Better Pricing

Nobody sells Symantec products for less than we do. In fact, we’re so confident in that statement we back it up with a guarantee: find a better price and we’ll beat it.

You see, we’ve taken our years of experience in the SSL industry, our place in the market and our long-standing partnership with Symantec and its family of brands—and we leverage those things to get the absolute best pricing in the industry.

Then we buy from Symantec in bulk and pass our savings along to you, the consumer, at razor-thin margins. The end result is that we have the lowest prices on the entire internet.

Lower than any other resellers and lower than buying from Symantec directly. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a moment to shop around. We’re confident you’ll find we’re the cheapest. And if you do find a price that’s lower, let us know and we’ll beat it. Nobody undersells RapidSSLOnline.com.

World-Class Support

Part of being a Symantec Specialist partner means access to the best training and information. It’s allowed us to create an entire Customer Experience Department that specializes in Symantec products and possesses unparalleled expertise in web security and all the technical elements that accompany it.

This is where we truly differentiate ourselves from the competition. We realize anyone can claim to have the best prices. But not anyone can support their products with the knowledge and know-how that we bring to the table.

Need help generating a CSR? Call us. Trouble finding the right security solution? Live chat is available 24-7. Need help with an installation? We can talk you through it or just do it ourselves. Our support is the best in the industry. It’s available throughout the global workday by phone, by email or online via chat. And we won’t rest until we’ve made sure you’re happy.

Nobody else does that. Why deal with a support ticket system or be forced to sift through two-year-old posts on a support forum looking for help? We’ve got everything you need, and it’s just a call or click away.

RapidSSLOnline.com, the Best Choice for Buying Symantec

A lot of people may think that SSL is SSL. What difference does it make what brand you go with? And truth be told, Namecheap is a great company and Comodo is a wonderful CA, but there’s only one Symantec.

It’s the most trust brand in the web security industry. Its Norton Secured Site Seal is the most recognized seal on the internet. Symantec is proven to boost consumer trust and even improve conversion rates. No other CA can claim that.

Just like no other company can claim to have the type of history and relationship with Symantec that we do. Nobody sells Symantec products for less. And no one backs it up with the level of world-class support that we offer.

So if you’re looking for Symantec products, look no further.

RapidSSLOnline.com has everything you need!