Why Multi Domain SSL becomes the most cost effective SSL security

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Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate Security to Protect Multiple Domains

Multi Domain SSL

Business success mandates a high level of online trust and security over enterprise data assets. This often requires frequent and expensive updates to the IT security infrastructure. It is a challenge for every CIO to provide the highest level of security in compliance with industry-wide security regulations while maintaining the cost of delivering service to the end consumer within manageable limits.

One of several best practices available to the IT Manager is to deploy multiple domains on shared hosting environments and adopt a single multi-domain SSL certificate (Multi-Domain EV SSL) to secure all the domains on the same server. Purchasing an individual SSL certificate for each domain and then having to manage each one of them separately is more cost prohibitive when compared with one SSL certificate to manage all domains.

Multi-Domain SSL is the major solution with a standard for securing multiple domains in a shared server environment, with a typical MD SSL securing up to 100 domains on the same server. This provides millions of secure transactions every day at a cost of little over $300 per year. Multi-Domain SSL / SAN SSL conforms to industry standard 128/256 bit encryption, is digitally signed from highly trusted roots for most available browsers. It is also business validated to conform to the highest level of security. Multi-Domain SSL is available off the shelf and packaged with multi-year validity, and it is set up to support different domain sizes.

The Multi-Domain SSL security solution is a boon to the small and medium scale business sector looking to secure its business transactions. In the process, it provides a level playing field with the larger competitors. With most MD SSL solutions coming with an added warranty for secure online transactions, the security risks typically associated with doing business online are mitigated.

A growing number of businesses are benefiting from securing their business with MD SSL solutions and have achieved better turn-around and wider customer acceptance.

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