Why RapidSSL Wildcard is best option?

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rapidssl wildcard is the premium wildcard ssl security

The RapidSSL Wildcard certificates are the best option for domain managers who want to apply a single, cheap SSL certificate to all of their subdomains. Its encryption is consistent and effective for mail servers, groupware, HTML applications, FTP files transfers and any other protocol carried over the network connection.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are special protocols designed to serve many functions related to the overall security needs of network users, including confirmation of connection and encryption of data content packets at the various layers of the OSI model. Looking strictly at TCP/IP and UDP, the two primary connection-based and connectionless transport layer protocols, it is clear that the application layer’s encryption stack of TLS/SSL, which is typically only called SSL even though SSL is actually the older name for TLS, provides users with the confidence that their exchanged data communications are not easily intercepted, reconstructed or stolen.

Using the 256-bit key from RapidSSL’s Wildcard Certificates program, an organization can ensure that dozens or hundreds of subdomains hosted in one server farm are protected for both handshake functions, which involve user and server authentication and verification, and any of the array of typical server data transfers, including Microsoft Exchange versions 2007 and 2010, Outlook Web Access, e-commerce shopping carts and private postings of customers and commenter’s. In fact, each of these functions can have their own subdomains with complete security.

The RapidSSL Wildcard program provides rapid issuance of the up to 256-bit SSL encryption certificate for one low fee or renewal. Switching from a competitor, such as Comodo, Go Daddy or GlobalSign SSL, offers the same features; however, even customers who are unsure about making the move can try a Free SSL Certificate from RapidSSL. RapidSSL certificates work with more than 99 percent of all browsers available for all platforms. Choosing RapidSSL Wildcard SSL immediately allows for the security of unlimited subdomains through its rapid issuance and easy install.

Free support is available to RapidSSL standard wildcard SSL customers through both web and email access points. RapidSSL has a great rating by customers thanks to value pricing, easy implementation, strong encryption and the power of people a subsidiary of GeoTrust, which is probably the most popular international certificate authority. Finally, RapidSSL Wildcard SSL is backed by a free $100,000 warranty and a 7-day money-back guarantee. If a customer does not like the program, the money is returned with no questions asked.

List of Key benefits of RapidSSL WildCard Certificate

  • Free unlimited reissue for 24/7/365
  • Industry standard WildCard SSL certificate 128 / 256 bit encryption
  • Dynamic free RapidSSL site seal called “Secured by RapidSSL”
  • Single SSL security certificate for unlimited subdomains security
  • Immediate SSL security issuance and Installed in seconds!
  • The low price single root SSL security certificate from RapidSSL
  • Easy and Quicksteps of validation to be the owner of SSL – No paperwork!
  • Recognized by over 99% of all browsers with no chained installation

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