Add Value to Your Code with a Code Signing Certificate

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Understand How Code Signing Certificate Enhance Software Publisher Values

To establish trust and confidence for code and content, Code Signing is a crucial concept for all distributors of applications and software. Code Signing is the easiest process of validating code employing digital signatures passing through PKC (Public Key Cryptography) to distribute code, applications, scripts, and software over the internet. In turn, removes error messages, such as those regarding an Unknown Publisher on major browsers, greatly reducing abandonment of downloads and related loss of credibility. Ultimately, the entire Code Signing Validation will pass the message and assure a web user that code is 100% authorized from a trusted source and that no one has tampered with the code. Distributors of software, scripts, codes, and applications can appreciate the advantage of a code signing certificate from Thawte or VeriSign.

“Trust creates success and builds Good Relationships in Business & Life”

A Code Signing Certificate from Thawte or Symantec will raise trust and improve relationships with customers and web users via 100% authorized and signed code.

Code Signing Certificates are available from major brands—such as Thawte and VeriSign—and for multiple platforms—such as Microsoft® Authenticode®, Sun Java®, Apple Mac, Microsoft® Office and VBA—worldwide.


Microsoft Authenticode
Microsoft Authenticode

Code Signing Certificates for Microsoft® Authenticode®

1. Platform includes digitally signed 32- and 64-bit user-mode files such as .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi and .xap files.

2. Authorizesdigitally signed code for Microsoft® Office 2000, Microsoft VBA, Netscape Object Signing, and Marimba Channel Signing.

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Sun Java
Sun Java

Code Signing Certificates for Sun Java®

1. The platform includes digitally signed .jar files and Java applications for the desktop and the latest mobile devices.

2. 100% Authorized and Recognized by Java Runtime Environment (JRE).


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Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office

Code Signing Certificates for Microsoft® Office and VBA

1. Platform Includes digitally signed Microsoft Office .doc, .xls, and .ppt files, which includes VBA objects, scripts and macros.

2. Authorized for third-party applications using VBA and for Microsoft Office.


Apple Mac
Apple Mac

Code Signing Certificates for Apple Mac

1. The platform includes digitally signed Apple desktop applications for multiple device platforms such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad Applications.


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