What is Apple Code Signing Certificate?

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The Comprehensive Guide for Apple Code Signing Certificate

Apple computers running OS X 10.5 or greater enable users to obtain a Code Signing Certificate to authenticate software and applications that are downloaded or run online. The certificate guarantees the user that the program comes from a trusted source. While certificates do not run on system-specific platforms, each platform has its own way of handling the authentication process.

Some of the individuals and organizations who need Apple Code Signing Certificates are software developers and software vendors who want to assure users that the application or software they are about to download and run originates from a reliable source and is an authentic copy without any corruption. The encryption hash permanently binds the software publisher’s identity to the software. The end user can access the publisher’s information by running the command code “codesign -v /path/to/MyApp.app.” For software vendors and distributors, the code signing SSL certificate provides a date stamp to tell the end user when the company uploaded the software.

Legitimate software developers and vendors benefit from code signing certificates by demonstrating a willingness to ensure the end user that the software they are offering does not contain malware or spyware. The certificate verifies when and who uploaded the original software. It also verifies that the end user does not have a corrupted copy of the program.

Running corrupted software, especially when infected with spyware or malware, can seriously damage a computer. Verifying the encrypted code lets the end user know that the downloaded or accessed software is free from corruption and can safely run on the computer. Accessing the code-signing information allows the end user to double-check the issuer’s details, including the date the software was uploaded.

Use of code signing certificate establishes a bond of trust between the end user and the software developer, vendor or organization distributing the software. It provides the end user with a sense of security that encourages repeat business with a trusted software source. Learn more about Code Signing Certificate Vendors to know which one is the best option for your software security.

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