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Enable Trust to Your Web Site with True BusinessID EV

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Understand EV SSL of GeoTrust and It’s Technical Specifications

Extended Validation (EV) SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) from True BusinessID is an encryption protocol that ensures that traffic, both to and from your website, is secure from prying eyes and hackers. The True BusinessID EV SSL assures the customer that your website payment options and other sensitive information are protected.

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Gain Users Trust and Simultaneously Increase Sales with SSL Security

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Website owners who need to access personal information from their online users find that SSL security is a necessary tool. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is software that encrypts messages and maintains secure network connections between web browsers and web servers. Websites that possess SSL Certificates, electronic documents that verify the identity of website owners and their connection to their websites, keep any information exchanged secure. Whether customers are making online purchases with their credit cards or simply entering passwords for access to websites, they want to know that their private information is not shared with anyone. Web businesses with SSL Certificates gain the trust of their users, in turn increasing their sales.

Secure SSL encrypts data exchanged over the internet so that only the verified server with the key for decryption may access the information provided by the user. Private information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, bank account numbers, credit card information and passwords are all kept safe. If a hacker were to intercept any of this information, it is virtually impossible for him or her to make sense of it. The hacker would come across the encrypted data, which is meaningless without the encryption codes possessed only by the certified user. This promise of security is crucial for online users. Users are never going to share private information if they fear it could get hacked and stolen.

Although SSL Certificates can cost up to $1,500 per year, their advantages certainly outweigh the cost. Internet users who are assured of the security of their personal information do not feel threatened by sharing it. Buying SSL Certificates helps companies gain the trust of their customers and increases the likelihood of these customers returning. As a result, websites that possess SSL Certificates are far more profitable than those that do not.

Let’s have the quick review of two major aspects of SSL certificate features on websites:

Trust & Confidence: Having an SSL certificate on a website increases the secure web browsing experience with online web users and ultimately it will be the sign of dedicated business to create the trust for customers or users security. Once website users feel confident about their personal information security then it will be an increase of trust and confidence in the security of the website.

Security: Keeping secure users personal or sensitive information such as PayPal credential, bank wire details, credit card details, and many other such details will generate secure online experiences for shopping and business. Securing eCommerce with SSL security is the best way to increase online sales.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate for a website?

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An SSL Certificate is online mechanism which helps to protect the data while transfering to web browsers to web servers.

Why do Small Companies Need SSL Certificates?

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SSL certificates are valuable tools for small companies when engaging in online business. The most important aspect of a person’s decision when making a purchase online is safety. An SSL certificate gives customers peace of mind by ensuring them that security. A business can have lower prices and better service than all of its online competitors, but people are not likely to buy unless they trust the business and feel safe purchasing from them.

SSL Certificates give online shoppers peace of mind by ensuring that their information is transmitted securely. When dealing with small businesses, it is very common for people to worry about the site’s reputation and security measures. People do not want their private information accessible for any reason other than the business transaction they are considering. An SSL Certificate guarantees them that their information is safely transmitted to the intended recipient.

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SSL Certificates are trusted by the online community. Whether or not a person knows an online business by name is inconsequential when that business has an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate shows the client that the website is verified and that it is using secured encryption software. This information gives small business customers the push they need to purchase from the small business rather than the big box retailer they know they can trust. Larger companies do not have a problem getting clients to trust them, but smaller retailers do. This is why it is so vital for small online businesses to have SSL Certificates.

Secure SSL Certificates bring reputability and safety to small businesses. When shopping online, it is important for clients to have a guarantee that their information is kept private. An SSL Certificate is an easy way to prove to clients that a small business is reputable and trustworthy. Many online transactions are cancelled due to the fact that the customer did not trust the website, so all small businesses should invest in an SSL Certificate to ensure that clients trust the company.

What is Code Signing Certificates

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A Code Signing Certificate is a technology which includes the process of validation for publishers of software, content, code, and scripts based on a digital signature to authenticate their identities to web users who have the code, software, and content. In addition to identifying the identity of the publisher, code signing protects the code from being tampered with.

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HTTPS (SSL Certificates) Now! A Mandatory Part of eCommerce

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SSL Certificates (HTTPS) is very well known phrase in web security worldwide, however very few consumers are truly familiar with this term and what it is or how it performs. HTTPS is mandatory on all ecommerce business platforms for users and web server security on globally.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL or HTTPS) certificates were designed and developed by Netscape to create a secure tunnel when transferring sensitive data between site users and web hosts. The execution of SSL certificate on web platforms increase the security protocol called encryption and decryption technology between browsers and servers. In critical terminology where an SSL certificate is the authentication of web browsers and servers by a trusted third party which is called and well known as Certificate Authority (CA) internationally.

Steps of SSL Certificates (HTTPS) Execution

  • A web page is created by a web browser – https:// usually
  • A public key is sent by a web server along with its SSL certificate
  • The browser then verifies that the certificate is issued by a trusted source and that the certificate is valid
  • Upon confirmation, the public key is then used by a web browser to encrypt a random symmetric encryption key and is transmitted to the server with the URL that is encrypted and required along with the other encrypted http data.
  • The symmetric key is then decrypted by a web server using its private key and the server then uses the symmetric key to decrypt the http data and URL.
  • The requested html document and http data is then transmitted by the web server encrypted with the symmetric key.
  • And finally the http data and html document is decrypted by the browser using the symmetric key and the information is displayed.

Various Types of SSL Certificates

SSL (HTTPS) certificates are available in many types, but selection depends on the SSL security needs, whether it’s for a single host name or multiple host names. There are options to select a different SSL certificate every time based on web site.

The following list are the types of SSL certificates which are being available at HTTPS to secure web site, web servers, and web users over the internet.

  1. Dedicated SSL Certificates
  2. Share SSL Certificates
  3. Free SSL Certificates
  4. WildCard SSL Certificates

Advantages of SSL Certificates

1. Web Server Validation

HTTPS (SSL Certificate) protects your web site, servers, and web user’s sensitive information through encrypted and decrypted technology. An SSL certificate will pass the validation between users and browsers to authenticate the information before sending to servers. The SSL will be issued from a trusted third party platform which is called Certificate Authority (CA) in web security Internationally.

SSL certificate raise the secured and the toughest environment to stop online fraudsters, scam, and hacking while transmitting data over the internet.

2. Confidential Transmission

An ECommerce business transaction includes the transmission of confidential information such as credit card, bank details, and PayPal credentials from users. While transmitting sensitive information to servers the SSL certificate encrypts unreadable code and characters from sensitive information using encryption and decryption algorithms. The entire process creates and unreadable format of sensitive details. This eases the concern and increases trust levels in site users that they can relax and feel confident that their sensitive data will not fall into the wrong hands.

3. Trust and Confidence

Installing an SSL certificate on an eCommerce web site, ultimately this HTTPS secure environment will raise the message for customers; this platform is serious about customer’s sensitive information. Ultimately the entire secure ecommerce experience will improve web user’s trust and confidence over the online shop.

RapidSSLOnline announces Cheapest SAN SSL and UCC Certificate

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The Norton Secured Site seal is no longer offered starting Oct. 16, 2023.

How do you save up to $500 on multiple website security a single Multi Domain SSL/SAN/UCC SSL certificate

The SAN (Subject Alternative Names) Certificate, aka UCC (Unified Communications) Certificate, is the reliable multi-domain SSL security which allows for secure transmission on up to 100 hostnames (FQDN) and/or web servers. Use of a single SAN / UCC certificate can secure multiple public or private hostnames, and server hostnames, as well as firewall devices, hostnames, and gateways. provides the Multi Domain SAN / UCC SSL certificate to secure up to 250 multiple domains.

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EV SSL certificate increase web site visitors trust

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Let’s Discuss EV SSL Certificate and Understand How It Improved Website Visitors Trust

Maintaining trust and confidence are keys to online business success, but what’s the easiest way to raise website visitors’ trust and confidence immediately? It’s simple: let their browsers recommend you by turning their address bars green. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates do this. Easy to order and install, this quick solution improves website visitor confidence by making your website or web store look immediately legitimate when viewed on any major browser.

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Add Value to Your Code with a Code Signing Certificate

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Understand How Code Signing Certificate Enhance Software Publisher Values

To establish trust and confidence for code and content, Code Signing is a crucial concept for all distributors of applications and software. Code Signing is the easiest process of validating code employing digital signatures passing through PKC (Public Key Cryptography) to distribute code, applications, scripts, and software over the internet. In turn, removes error messages, such as those regarding an Unknown Publisher on major browsers, greatly reducing abandonment of downloads and related loss of credibility. Ultimately, the entire Code Signing Validation will pass the message and assure a web user that code is 100% authorized from a trusted source and that no one has tampered with the code. Distributors of software, scripts, codes, and applications can appreciate the advantage of a code signing certificate from Thawte or VeriSign.

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