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The SSL Certificates roll as credit card protector

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Understand SSL Certificate Security for Credit Card

Websites that accept payments online usually have to take extra precautions to ensure that it’s customers can safely enter their personal credit card – or other banking information. The website creators must ensure that consumers information has no risk of having it falling into the wrong hands. When it comes to these types of online transactions, the best way to safeguard sensitive information is through the use of SSL certificates. In this article, learn about the important role the SSL certificate plays when it comes to online payments.

In order to better understand the role of the SSL certificate, it is necessary to define what the SSL certificate is, as well as what it does. This certificate is confirmation that the webpage is encrypted in a secure fashion. The certificate ensures that other parties do not have access to see what a consumer is doing online, nor get access to their credit card information. The SSL certificate guarantees that the information that is entered by the client is not seen by someone else, who is not part of the transaction, while in transit to the merchant.

To that end, the secondary role of the SSL card is to verify to customers that they are dealing with a secure site and can feel confident that the information they are entering – such as credit card or banking information – is not going to fall into the wrong hands. Security is very important to merchants, as it may mean the difference between a customer agreeing to complete a transaction or deciding against it. Unsecured websites can ultimately result in lost revenue for any company.

Companies that plan to accept payment online from their customers are best served by offering an SSL-certified website. Doing so shows the clients that the company cares about protecting the customer’s identity and financial information, which can lead to more closed business transactions as a result.

Why Multi Domain SSL becomes the most cost effective SSL security

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Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate Security to Protect Multiple Domains

Multi Domain SSL

Business success mandates a high level of online trust and security over enterprise data assets. This often requires frequent and expensive updates to the IT security infrastructure. It is a challenge for every CIO to provide the highest level of security in compliance with industry-wide security regulations while maintaining the cost of delivering service to the end consumer within manageable limits.

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Why Green SSL (EV SSL) is a binding Need for Organizations

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Understand EV SSL Certificate and How It Influences Wide Level Online Organizations Revenue

It is obvious in today’s business market that if one is to run an online website that handles customer data, an SSL service is a necessity. However, something that many do not know is that not all SSLs are created equally.

One thing that makes an SSL much improved is having an EV SSL qualification. It is important to understand what this means, and why it is necessary for any business that handles sensitive data.

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Reasons to Use SSL Security for Superior Protection

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The internet is a community composed of billions of people throughout the world. Representatives from each country meet online to interact, buy, sell and trade. As with any community, there are members with good intentions and those with bad intentions. When engaging in transactions online, it is important for Internet users to protect themselves with SSL security to ensure their computers and personal information are protected.

Many people actually make a living preying on those who do not have sufficient SSL security protection. They steal identities, credit card numbers and personal information from random users and use it for their own benefit. SSL security tools work in different ways to ensure users’ protection when they use the Internet to conduct business or send personal information.

The most important reason to use SSL security is to keep private information safe. People send and receive all kinds of personal information on a daily basis. Without SSL security, someone could intercept this data and use it against its owner with malicious intent. Data encryption and password protection are the easiest ways to ensure only those one authorized to have access to one’s personal information can use it. Without these tools, each internet user could find themselves subject to snooping and intrusion by any person who has the time and desire to access their personal accounts and information. Infiltrating personal accounts online is easy when there is no protection in place, so it is important for one to avoid making oneself an easy target.

Buy Cheap SSL certificates security to be a vital business platform in the fight against online crime and identity theft. There is too much information sent through the Internet on a daily basis for all users to neglect protect themselves with some form of SSL security. SSL security programs keep users safe and give them peace of mind as they browse the internet. As they can give personal information to a bad actor inadvertently, they are a necessity in an ever-growing Internet world.

How do SSL certificates help increase online sales?

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Living in the Information Age and the subsequently widespread use of the internet offers unique challenges to modern day retailers and service providers. Never before in history has there existed the types of opportunities for criminals to gain access to valuable customer information as there exists in today’s increasingly electronic world. As a result, online business owners are required to go to much greater lengths, not only to keep their customer’s information safe, but also to provide the peace of mind to their customer that comes with knowing appropriate security measures are in place.

One of the most common and effective methods to secure a company database from unauthorized access is using an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate provides a way for a customer’s computer to communicate with the company database by using secure data encryption. Many of the most trusted companies that offer SSL certificates also come with a logo that is displayable on the company website for users to see.

When people decide to use the internet to make a purchase, there are many factors they consider when choosing the company with which they would like to do business. Price is usually a factor, but reputability also plays a large part in the final decision. Given the exposure that many news organizations and government entities have given to taking the necessary steps to keep identity information safe, most internet users have at least a basic working knowledge of what those steps might entail. The vast majority of internet users might not know exactly what an SSL certificate is, but they do know that seeing the logo or icon representing an SSL certificate means that the purchase made through that company is a safe and secure one. This, in turn, makes them much more likely to make a purchase from a company displaying that logo than from one that has no SSL certificate protection.

In the grand scheme of things, SSL certificates provider are relatively offers inexpensive SSL, and they can go a long way toward generating customer confidence and peace of mind. This, in turn, can cause a noticeable increase in sales by a company that opts to use these effective safety precautions.

SSL Certificate Installation on Microsoft IIS 7.X

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Microsoft IIS 7 SSL Certificate Installation and CSR Generation Guide

Installing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate on Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.x is easy with the new user interface, but is often confusing for those new to IIS 7. Getting the certificate for Microsoft IIS 7.x begins the same way no matter what the vendor is providing the certificate; the first step is to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on the IIS server.

Articles contain all steps of Creating CSR for IIS 7.x and the installation process of an SSL certificate on Microsoft Window Server 8 computer.

Initially, we look into the process of Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation process as it is the first step when we decide to install an SSL certificate on any web server.

Generation of Certificate Signing Request for IIS 7.0 SSL certificate

Step 1: The first step in process of CSR generation is that move to the START” menu, then go with the option “Administrative Tools” and then click on the subsidiary option Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

administrative tools image

Step 2: Click on the listed Server Name at the left-hand side in the “Connections” column and then double click “Server Certificates” in the middle area of Server

server certificates

Step 3: Now click on the very first option on Right-Hand side on “Create Certificate Request”.

certificate request creator

Step 4: Now, enter all the required information in the pop “Request Certificate” which includes common name (domain name), organization name, department (unit), city, state, & country. After filling all this information in the proper formation click on the “Next” button.

Note: Make sure that you add all this information very carefully. For example;

  • Common Name: *,
  • Organization: Domain Inc.
  • Organization Unit: Wen Security
  • City/Locality: Mountain View
  • State/Province: California
  • Country/Region: US, GB
certificate request creator

Step 5: Choose the level of Cryptography Server Provider. Advisable keep as it as default level such as “2048” or higher as it’s the standard level of Cryptography.

complete certificate request

Step 6: Now, it’s time to choose the path where we want to save our CSR file on the computer. Please click on the button next to the text column and choose the path where you want to store the CSR file and then click on the “FINISH” button.

request certificate

The following above step was the last step to generate a CSR certificate, once you complete the process of Certificate Signing Request now you are eligible to order a certificate from any Certificate Authority such as Symantec™, GeoTrust®, RapidSSL™, and Thawte™. If you are not sure which certificate would be the best option for you then compare SSL certificates for their types, prices, features, encryption, warrant, and the most crucial option support. However, if the comparison chart will not make you sure about your certificate requirement then go through individual types such as Wildcard SSL Certificates, EV SSL Certificates, and Cheap SSL Certificates.

Once you decide about your certificate then you can use CSR while ordering the certificate and then Certificate Authority will validate your information and then they issue your certificate.

Now, Let’s Move to Installation Process of SSL Certificate on IIS 7.00

If you are installing a newly purchased SSL certificate then you first must copy and store the file on the server and then start with the installation process.

Step 1: One more time go with the START” button and then “Administrative Tools” and then click on the subsidiary option “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

Step 2: Now, again click on the server name which is exactly left-hand side under the option called “Connections” and then click on the “Server Certificates” option in the middle part of “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager”.

server certificates

Step 3: Now, on the right-hand side click on the second option called “Complete Certificate Request

complete certificate request

Step 4: Now import your certificate using its stored path. Just click on the button next to the text area and choose the certificate which you have received from Certificate Authority. Enter Friendly Name for future reference so you can track the certificate on the following server. Finally, click on the “OK” button.

complete certificate request

Step 5: If your installation was done successfully then your certificate will list in the option “Server Certificates”. If due to any cause you get any issue such as certificate miss-match error, the private key is missing or request of the certificate not found then in those cases you have to re-issue your certificate with a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Make sure that you use the same CSR that you have generated for the certificate.

ssl install successfully on ms iis7

Finally, you have done with the SSL installation process on Microsoft IIS 7.X. However, it’s always advisable to check Certificate Installation through SSL certificate checker free SSL tools which are available globally on the Internet for Free. It’s always advisable to double-check certificate installation from authority and that’s why we have added some external important sources to help you more in installation. Please check your certificate through SSL tools and confirm that everything seems fine! Wish you good luck!

Essential Resources for IIS 7 SSL Certificates

Setting Up a Wildcard SSL on CPanel/WHM

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Step-by-step Guide to Install Wildcard SSL Certificate on cPanel/WHM

The easiest way to use an unlimited amount of sub-domains on a given domain name with one SSL certificate is with a Wildcard SSL. The main function of a Wildcard SSL Certificate is to secure a main domain and sub domain over a single FQDN. In addition, a wildcard SSL certificate means, regardless of the non-SSL Document-Root specification, all the sub-domains are going to resolve to the same location. Luckily, the installation of a Wildcard SSL Certificate on a CPanel is very similar to installing a traditional SSL.

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What is Apple Code Signing Certificate?

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The Comprehensive Guide for Apple Code Signing Certificate

Apple computers running OS X 10.5 or greater enable users to obtain a Code Signing Certificate to authenticate software and applications that are downloaded or run online. The certificate guarantees the user that the program comes from a trusted source. While certificates do not run on system-specific platforms, each platform has its own way of handling the authentication process.

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EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate – All in One SSL Security

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In-depth Research on EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate of GeoTrust

The EV multi-domain SSL provides the same level of strict authentication as the standard EV SSL, but by packaging several domains together, it lowers the cost for the purchaser. The cost for an EV multi-domain SSL covering five domains is less than the cost for five separate certificates for the same five domains.

Although each domain must go through the domain verification process individually, it is only necessary to authenticate the identity of the owner once. This is where the certification authority can save money and then pass those savings on to the owner of the multiple domains.

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